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LED display is close to social attribute from commercial attribute

Time:2018-10-31 Views:186
"The name, case number, amount due, address"Many citizens recently saw such a special scene on the streets of fuzhou, downtown, the huge LED display screen, rolling broadcast is not advertisements, but the names of dozens of people who have broken their promises and related information.Street display exposure "laolai" is fujian to create a credit system, a sound credit system is one of the innovative measures.(extracted from the 6th edition of People‘s Daily on November 27, 2015)
According to the article published by People‘s Daily, fujian province has released more than 3,000 punishment information for those who break their trust, including more than 300,000 enterprises and individuals, on the basis of the civilized wind website and the use of outdoor LED displays.More than 1000 kinds of information about "keeping promise" such as civilized units, civilized industries, civilized schools, moral models, the most beautiful grassroots figures, and good people around.The use of outdoor LED display to release the "red black list" for the city to build a "punishment network" for those who break their trust, in fujian province to build a credit system plays an important role.
In people‘s opinion, the largest function of outdoor LED display is commercial information broadcast, which is the typical "spokesman" of outdoor advertising.But with the improvement of city construction, city managers are increasingly using the outdoor LED display for many bad phenomena appeared in the social management, the side ACTS as the "urban civilization persuasion member", "city vice broadcasters", "supervisor" of social management role, thus realized the outdoor LED display from a purely commercial changes to the social public welfare attribute enhancements luxuriant, to improve the outdoor LED display the diversity development of "revolutionary" significance.
At present, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other cities are strictly regulate the outdoor LED display advertising, outdoor LED display for examination and approval will be more and more strict, set the place by the previous "blossoming" to "time management" (pure commercial area), and this change will bring certain influence to the development of outdoor displays.However, as mentioned above, LED display not only emphasizes commercial value, but also strengthens the property of broadcasting information of social welfare and benefit to the people. To some extent, it can reduce the time flow of approval for outdoor display, and it will be more favored in the field of outdoor display with its irreplaceable advantages.
And as early as in 2014, southern newspaper media group for positive response strategy, strong cultural province of guangdong province jointly new holding group, yuexiu group and other units jointly create a new outdoor media characteristic of public welfare projects -- the southern newspaper LED broadcast network, aims to set up in guangzhou, shenzhen, covering guangdong 21 city-level center business circle and the traffic circle LED broadcast network, the first in the country formed a "public information + news and information, advertising information" LED media communication mode, outdoor LED display pure commercial information broadcast mode from this break.
In the medium cities all over the country, "civilized behavior" public service ads, cultivating practice the socialist core values such as publicity slogans are borrowed from extensive publicity, outdoor LED display not only improved the public awareness, help contain the city is not civilized behavior, and build the good city new fashion, for the urban construction to build up a beautiful beautiful scenery line.
In foreign countries, the use of outdoor LED displays for public benefit and participation in social construction is also common:
USA: many U.S. outdoor LED display operators also work with relevant governments and public interest organizations to play an important role in participating in social events and protecting the public.During hurricane sandy in the United States in November 2012, FEMA used a digital screen to broadcast emergency weather warnings in 10 states.Each update, from production to playback, takes less than 15 minutes.After the Boston marathon bombing in April 2013, local and national security departments began using outdoor LED displays to warn and inform the public.Police posted photos of the suspect on a screen and warned the public to stay indoors during a citywide manhunt.
UK: to urged the public to make contributions to African women‘s entrepreneurship, Microloan use outdoor LED display, a British public welfare organization held a special outdoor donation activities: public welfare organization Microloan an LED screen in the outdoor a coin with pieces of African women image picture, when passers-by passing domestic donations to be carried out in accordance with the instructions to send text messages, display will leave some COINS, will originally incomplete image of women a little piece, so as to achieve the donation purposes.
Thailand: in order to raise public awareness of children‘s protection and effectively protect children from illegal infringement, the CHILD protection agency (CPCR), together with the children protection agency (CPCR), has produced and put a series of outdoor public service advertisements for CHILD ABUSE on outdoor LED screens and big outdoor brands in various centers of Bangkok, and attached a telephone number to the advertisements.After the launch, CPCR received more than 300 phone calls a day.At present, such an approach has become the most effective preventive measures, which effectively improves the prevention of child sexual abuse.
The contradiction between the city‘s diversified landscape for rapid improvement and low-quality outdoor advertising has become a "stumbling block" in the development of outdoor display, while the single function of pure commercial advertising has also led to strong resistance of the audience.Faced with the development trend and problems under the new situation, outdoor LED media operation enterprises should effectively avoid the single advertising function and commercial property of display screen in the future development path, and should realize the transformation from the role of business to the role of social comprehensive benefits, and become a public carrier for audiences to obtain social information.At the same time, manufacturers of outdoor LED display screens also need to make technological innovations, such as ensuring that products used in the field of outdoor advertising have automatic brightness adjustment system and multistage grayscale correction technology to reduce the negative impact of light pollution of outdoor LED display screens from the technical source.
First, outdoor display makers need to better integrate their products into the urban environment.After determining the location, the overall design should be carried out according to the comprehensive conditions such as the regional characteristics, the impression of surrounding environment, and the characteristics of attached carriers, so as to make the outdoor display screen a part of the landscape, and reduce the problems arising from the installation of outdoor display screen at multiple levels such as urban approval, planning, management and operation.
Secondly, based on the different characteristics of audiences in different regions, outdoor LED media operators should properly increase the social information that is friendly and convenient to the public on the broadcast content, so that the outdoor display screen is not only a simple advertising carrier, but also a good platform for audiences to obtain information and participate in social interaction.
Thirdly, in line with the current development trend of "Internet +", enterprises should step up efforts to build a fusion network for connecting with the Internet, mobile Internet and big data according to the distribution characteristics of outdoor display screens with many points and a wide range of features, so as to realize networking and real-time information sharing and achieve the transmission effect of rapid transmission of information.Combined with the new situation, the display production and manufacturing enterprises should take the market as the orientation, explore the new properties of outdoor LED displays under the requirements of the new era, produce outdoor products that meet the market changes and demands, and conform to urban development and management, and become the standard information products acceptable to the public, not just an advertising terminal.

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