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How to judge the quality of outdoor LED display glue

Time:2018-10-12 Views:211
Glue is an indispensable part of the production process of LED display module. Because of the protection of glue, the service life of LED display module will be longer.Since glue is so important, how can you tell if it‘s good or bad?So let me give you an idea of what deroncel knows about glue.
1. Use of LED glue:
It can be used for waterproof, heat dissipation and anti-oxidation. It can protect LED display screen
2. Classification of LED glue:
According to the usage, it can be divided into the epoxy resin glue used in the production of LED and the grouting glue used in the LED panel module (the following LED glue refers to the grouting glue used in the LED panel module).
According to product quality and use environment and other factors are divided into: special glue, high-grade glue, low-grade glue, etc.
3. Grade of LED glue:
At present, LED glue is divided into three levels in the market:
Special glue: special glue mainly refers to the super high LED glue required for the use environment of LED display screens, such as cold-resistant (northern) glue, high-temperature (high-temperature) glue, corrosion-resistant (acid-base) glue and other special requirements and LED display glue used in the environment.
High-grade glue: special glue for full-color LED display screen, generally black glue, with high heat resistance, cold resistance and waterproof effect.
Low grade glue: the general protective effect is very poor.
4. How to judge whether the glue is good or bad:
Professional testing: from a professional perspective, special equipment is needed to analyze the components of LED glues, the ratio between the components and the actual data obtained through environmental tests.
Simple identification: it can check its fluidity, curing time and so on according to the normal ratio
The main data is that after curing, the quality of the glue can be checked according to the color and the elasticity of the colloidal particles.LED module components can be removed screw and cover plate use simple rub to judge (good general hardness moderate, good elasticity). 
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