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LED screen maintenance anti-aging common sense

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At the same time, LED display advertising media has the characteristics of high effective arrival rate. Compared with TV, newspaper and other media, LED display is relatively low in price.These unique values make the full-color LED advertising screen media naturally become the outdoor media upstart.Unlike traditional outdoor media, full-color LED display is not just pure outdoor media, its properties and advantages of both TV and other media at the same time, have more creative space time interaction and communication with consumers and the wider stereo space, can meet the personalized needs, with the spread of digital era concept, is a unique form of the screen.
We often encounter such problems when we apply LED displays. LED displays work normally at the beginning of the product, but after a period of lighting, there will be dark light, flashing, malfunction, intermittent lighting and other phenomena, which will bring serious damage to the product.The causes of this phenomenon are as follows:
1. When applying the product, there are problems in the welding process, for example, the welding temperature is too high, the welding time is too long, and the anti-static work is not done well. These problems are more than 95% caused by the packaging process.
2. LED itself quality or production process.
Preventive measures include:
1. Control the welding process.
2. Conduct aging test on products: aging is an important guarantee for the reliability of electronic products and an indispensable step in product production.LED products can improve performance after aging, and contribute to the stability of performance in later use.LED screen aging test is a very important link in product quality control, but it is often neglected in many cases and cannot be properly and effectively aging.The LED aging test is based on the product failure rate curve, namely the characteristics of the bathtub curve, to improve the reliability of the product, but this method is not necessary, after all, the aging test is at the expense of the life of a single LED product.
LED aging methods include constant current aging and constant pressure aging.A constant current source is one in which the current is constant at any time.The problem with frequency is not constant flow.That‘s alternating current or pulsating current.Ac or ripple current sources can be designed to have a constant effective value, but they cannot be called constant current sources.Constant current aging is the most consistent with LED current working characteristics, is the most scientific LED aging mode;Over-current impact aging is also the latest aging method adopted by LED display manufacturers. This kind of aging is carried out by using constant current source with adjustable frequency and adjustable current, in order to judge the quality life of LED in a short time and pick out many hidden LED that cannot be picked out by conventional aging.
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