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LED display category selection

What are the categories of LED displays

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LED display screens are classified according to the application site
According to the different application places, LED display can be divided into outdoor LED display, indoor LED display and semi-outdoor LED display.
1. Outdoor LED display
In the manufacturing process, LED outdoor screen firstly encapsulates the luminous grain into a single LED, which is called a single lamp. Generally, it adopts the reflective cup with concentrated light to improve the brightness.Then, multiple LED single lights are encapsulated into pixel modules, and the display unit box is composed of pixel modules. According to user needs and the display application site, a display unit box is taken as the required size.The box body needs to be sealed in the design to achieve the purpose of waterproof and fogproof, so that it can adapt to the outdoor environment. Generally, the front side is sealed by pouring glue.
2. Indoor LED display
In the manufacturing process, LED indoor screen firstly makes the luminous grains into a lattice module, and then the lattice module is spliced into a display unit plate of a certain size. According to the user‘s requirements, the unit plate is used as the basic unit to be spliced into the required size.Indoor screen area generally from less than 1 square meter to more than 10 square meters, point density higher, in non-direct sunlight or lighting lighting environment use, viewing distance in a few meters, the screen body does not have sealing waterproof capacity.
3. Semi-outdoor LED display
Half outdoor screen is between outdoor and indoor, many of which are LED door head screen with high luminous brightness, which can be used in the outdoor with direct sunlight. The screen body is sealed to a certain extent, usually under the eaves or in the window.
The LED display screen is classified according to the primary color
1. Three-color full-color LED display
Also known as full color, each pixel has three primary colors of red, green and blue. Under the control of gray level, through the changes of different shades of red, green and blue, natural colors can be well restored and tens of thousands of colors can be combined.
2. Double base color LED display
Each pixel has two primary colors of red and green, which can be overlapped with yellow. Under the condition of gray control, a variety of grayscale colors can be combined through the changes of red and green with different grayscale.
2. Single-color LED display
Single base color: each pixel has only one color, most of which is red, because red has higher luminous efficiency and can get higher brightness. It can also be green or mixed color, that is, part red, part green and part yellow.
Iii. Classification of LED displays according to functions
According to the functions of the screen, LED display can be divided into four types: bar screen, text screen, video screen and digital hybrid screen.
1.LED screen series
Bar screen series: this type of screen is mainly used to display text, which can be input by the remote control or used online with the computer to send information through the computer.It works offline.Because this kind of screen more make bar shape, so call strip screen.
2.LED picture and text screen series
This kind of display screen is mainly used to display text and graphics, generally without grayscale control.It communicates information with the computer.Compared with the bar screen, the advantage of the picture and text screen is that it has a rich font type and can display graphics. Compared with the video screen, the biggest advantage of the picture and text screen is that a computer can control multiple screens and can display offline
3.LED video series
This type of display displays a one-to-one mapping relationship between the pixels of the screen and the pixels of the control computer monitor, and has 256-level gray control, so it is extremely expressive, equipped with a multimedia card, and the video can also play video signal.The video screen is open and has no restrictions on the operating system and the software. It can reflect the display of the computer monitor in real time.
4. LED digital hybrid screen series
Digital screen is widely used in stock market display, bank exchange rate, interest rate display, hotel seafood price list, room rate list, etc.In most cases, a screen is added to the digital screen to display welcome words, notices, advertisements, etc.Support remote control input.
Category according to the screen display surface shape
In addition to the common flat screen, there are also LED curved screen, such as LED arc screen, LED spherical screen, LED stadium screen, LED stage background screen, LED traffic screen, etc.
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