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What problems should we pay attention to in selecting stage rental LED display

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We can see all kinds of stage rental LED displays at large performances, art parties, star concerts and events.So what is a stage rental LED display?What‘s the problem with choosing a stage rental LED display?Deroncel (www.leddrse.com) answers these questions.
 Stage rental LED display
First, the stage rental LED display is actually the LED display applied in the stage background. The biggest feature of this kind of display is that it can provide rich stage background for the performance. The vivid picture is perfectly combined with the shocking music effect to create a magnificent and modern spectacular scene.Besides, it can also play super large and clear game live pictures, which can create an immersive feeling and subvert the traditional visual experience.
 Stage rental LED display die-cast box
Ii. Stage LED display is composed of main screen, auxiliary screen and expansion screen.The main screen is used for live broadcasting and excellent playback. The hd rectangular LED display is generally selected, and the point spacing is generally within P6. The larger the area, the better.The two sides of the main screen will be equipped with a number of auxiliary screens, which can select creative LED displays in special shape, such as s-shaped curved screen, LED flexible screen, LED cylindrical screen and other special-shaped screens.If the budget is limited, the side screen can also choose to use the lower cost screen.Stage video expansion screen is generally used for large stage, concert, etc., taking care of the audience in the back row, so that all audiences can clearly see everything on the stage.
3. Besides the importance of screen selection, stage LED display screen also needs to select a proper control system.In general, the stage LED display screen has relatively large area and high pixel, which requires high number of points to send the card. Sometimes, multiple control CARDS are required to perform cascade joint control.In order to display better, we usually need to make use of video processor, so that video can be spliced and cut to achieve multi-window, picture in picture, with strong expansibility, video effect is more delicate and smooth.
Due to the particularity of stage LED display screen, standardized box structure is generally adopted, easy to be disassembled and assembled, with light quality and convenient transportation.The box body is light and thin, can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported. It is suitable for large area leasing and fixed installation.
Deronser‘s tips: in order to ensure the safety and stable operation of the stage LED display, the company must provide professional training on the use of LED display to the operators.
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