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Common problems and solutions in using LED display control card

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1. Importance of LED display control card
The LED display control card is the core component of the LED graphic display screen. It is mainly responsible for receiving the picture display information from the serial port of the computer, placing the frame memory, generating serial display data and scanning control sequence required by the LED display screen according to the drive mode of partition.We can see the importance of LED display control card from the word "core components".As shenzhen LED full color screen manufacturer, derunsell will introduce common problems and solutions in the use of LED display control card.
LED display control card using the common problems in general can be divided into: display, communication problems, functional requirements, the solution trilogy: press test (test power supply and wiring connection), serial port communication words point software switch machine port and communication (test line), disconnect the power supply and so on all the lights on the bead out again after electric (initialization).
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1. Under normal control card, why is there no display or abnormal brightness on the display screen?
A: after the control card is connected to the display driver, the default is 16 scan. If there is no display, please check whether the data polarity and OE polarity Settings in the control software are correct.If the brightness is abnormal, a line is particularly bright, indicating that the OE setting is wrong. Please set the OE correctly.
2. Why the display cannot display normally after the information is loaded?
Answer: check whether the "LED display control card setting" is correct.
3. After sending the message successfully, the screen displays the screen of flower screen, random code and regular movement (can‘t see the words). 
A: the typical scanning method is wrong. The semi-outdoor and outdoor scanning is generally 4, the indoor scanning is 16, and the vehicle-mounted screen is 8. After the screen parameter is changed, it can be saved and sent successfully.
4. After sending it successfully, the screen will appear bright lines across the screen. 
Answer: the alignment direction is reversed. Press the test key (which is installed on the control card). This situation is normally not changeable.
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