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LED display installation method

Inspection standard for full-color led display

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In just a dozen years since 2000, the large LED screen has shown a lot of functions and effects all over the world. Nowadays, for the LED display screen, whether used outdoors or indoors, it has been highly recognized by people.For the production of LED screens, as a large number of customers, how to criticize LED screens as a successful acceptance standard?Shenzhen LED display panel manufacturer believes that it should be judged from the following aspects:
1. The surface flatness of LED display shall be within + / -1mm, which is a good way to ensure that the display image is not distorted. However, this is still determined by the production process.
2. The reduction of color refers to the reduction of color on the LED screen. In other words, the color displayed on the screen should be consistent with the color displayed.
3. No color blocks refer to the obvious color differences between the adjacent modules of LED display screen. The color blocks are mainly caused by the poor control system, low gray level of display screen and low scanning frequency.
4. There are no dead spots of mosaics and other phenomena. Mosaics refer to small squares that are usually bright or dark on the display screen.Dead spot refers to a single point of constant light or dark on the LED display screen. How many dead points are determined by the degree of the LED core.
5. White balance effect white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display screen.If there is a little deviation in the actual proportion, the deviation of white balance will occur. In general, we should pay attention to whether the white is bluish or yellow-green.The quality of white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display screen.
6. The brightness and visual Angle of indoor full-color LED screen should be above 800cd/m2 as far as possible, and the brightness of outdoor full-color screen should be above 1600cd/m2, so as to better ensure the normal operation of LED screen, otherwise the image displayed will be blurred due to the low brightness of surrounding environment.The brightness is mainly determined by the quality of LED core.The size of the viewing Angle directly determines the size of the display audience, so bigger is better.The size of the visual Angle is mainly determined by the way the core is encapsulated.
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