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LED display installation method

Outdoor LED screen installation and production should pay attention to the problem

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Core tip: steel structure outdoor LED display screen device area is generally large, and most of the device is in a densely populated place, the design of the steel structure to consider the foundation, wind load, waterproof, dust, moisture, steel structure

Generally, the outdoor LED display screen device has a large area, and most of the devices are in densely populated places. The design of its steel structure should consider many factors such as foundation, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof, environmental temperature, lightning protection, surrounding population density and so on.The steel structure also needs to place distribution cabinet, air conditioning, axial flow fan, lighting and other auxiliary equipment, but also a horse track, ladder and other repair equipment.Therefore, in the implementation of the entire outdoor screen steel structure should be approved by the competent government departments after the examination of the design drawings to ensure the safety of the entire steel structure.
Waterproof and moisture-proof outdoor LED display device in the outdoor, often in the sun, rain, wind and dust cover, poor working environment, electronic equipment is wet or seriously damp will cause short circuit and fire, cause trouble and even fire, forming losses;Therefore, the screen body and the combination of the screen body and the building must be strictly waterproof and leakproof;Screen body to have outstanding drainage measures, once the outbreak of water can be smoothly discharged;Pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof.
Ventilation should wuhan outdoor LED display device cooling ventilation cooling equipment, makes the screen body internal temperature in - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃.An axial fan is installed behind and above the screen body to discharge heat;Outdoor LED screen operation itself will attack a certain amount of heat, if the environment temperature is too high and poor heat dissipation, integrated circuit may be abnormal operation, or even burned, so that the LED display system can not work properly.
Lightning proof ground outdoor LED display in the integration of electronic components is high, the sensitivity of the opposition interference requirements are becoming higher and higher.Lightning can harm the display system in a variety of ways. Under normal circumstances, it may hit the screen directly and then be discharged to the ground through a grounding device.Forming mechanical, electrical and thermal damage where lightning flows.Solution is equipotential connection, outstanding is not grounded or not grounded metal shell, the metal sheath of the cable, the metal frame inside the display welding connected with the grounding device and prevent on these items due to induced high voltage or lightning on grounding device into high potential transfer form internal insulation of equipment and cable core overvoltage counterattack.Outdoor LED display screen will also be lightning caused by the strong electric and magnetic attack, in order to make the lightning caused by the large current can be timely released, reduce the overvoltage on the equipment, limit the wave of lightning invasion.Lightning arrester should be installed on the display screen and buildings in general.
LED grounding should be made according to the specific situation do not consider its grounding form;When the display screen is set independently, a separate grounding system shall be set, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 ohms;When the display screen is attached to the outer wall of the building, the main body and shell of the display screen shall be earthed to the building in an outstanding manner and shall be synthetically earthed to the building. The grounding resistance shall not be greater than 1 ohm.

The LED outdoor display of power supply system is generally powered by AC220V current, which requires the voltage fluctuation of the power grid to be less than 10%, and provides excellent system grounding.Special distribution cabinets shall be provided for display screens whose power consumption exceeds 10kW.According to the need to be able to choose has the function of remote control with PLC control of power distribution cabinets, distribution cabinets with PLC control functions more and more intelligent, available control implement remote operation of wuhan LCD display production and screen inside the switch of air conditioning, fan and other equipment, can together on the screen in the environment temperature, environment outside the screen brightness for real-time monitoring, and the corresponding alarm information.In the LED outdoor screen, the general environmental conditions are poor, it is recommended to use the distribution cabinet with PLC control;In the indoor screen project, the environment is better, and the space is limited, can not add PLC control.  
In order to prevent the occurrence of leakage fire, the main switch in the power supply into the line should also be equipped with fire leakage switch.The LCD controller monitoring interface in the distribution cabinet can display the real-time temperature in the display screen.Under the automatic state, when the internal temperature of the screen exceeds 65 degrees, the monitoring screen will indicate that the temperature is too high. An LCD controller will sound an alarm, and the system will automatically cut off power to prevent fire.Smoke detector can be installed in the screen according to the actual situation. When there is a fire in the screen, corresponding prompt information will be displayed on the monitoring interface, and the power distribution system will be automatically cut off together.
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