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The LED display should pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning work

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In the process of operation, various faults will be caused by pollution, looseness, vibration, heating, changes of ambient temperature and other factors, which will affect the normal use of LED display screens and even cause serious accidents.Therefore, the LED display screen for regular maintenance is essential.So what is the main routine maintenance of LED display?
A, inspection
Generally, LED display inspection is conducted on a monthly basis. Large LED display maintenance is implemented on a weekly basis.
1. LED display body maintenance, including lamp tube, module, module, power supply and control card;
2. Maintenance of LED display control system, including controller, fiber conversion card, distributor and transmission card;
3. Special play operation software for LED display, including maintenance and upgrade of play software;
4. Regular (once a month) on-site inspection of technicians, system inspection and maintenance;
5. Escort for major activities: technical staff of the company shall guide the field activities to be carried out smoothly.
6. For outdoor LED display screen, the damage caused by wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other natural factors shall not be covered by the warranty.The owner is required to insure with the insurance company, and the insurance company will pay for the insurance.
7. During the maintenance service, the maintenance problems should be solved within 8 hours for common failures, and the major accidents should not exceed 24 hours.Repair to replace the module and other parts, not more than 24 hours.After maintenance is completed, one service ensures that the large screen does not appear the fault of module level above (such as module color, module black, a column does not light, etc.), and plays normally.
Second, the clean up
For screens with low protection level, especially outdoor screens, dust in the atmosphere enters the equipment through the vent, which will accelerate wear and even damage to the fan and other equipment.The dust will also fall on the surface of the internal control device of the display screen, which will reduce the thermal conductivity and insulation performance. In humid weather, the dust absorbs moisture in the air and causes short circuit.In the long run, it can also lead to mildew of PCB boards and electronic components, resulting in the equipment‘s technical performance degradation and failure.Therefore, the LED screen cleaning seems simple, in fact, is a very important part of the maintenance work.
Third, fastening
LED display screen is a high-consumption equipment. After running for quite a period of time, it starts and stops for many times, among which, the terminals of power supply part will become loose due to cold and hot, with poor contact, forming virtual connection. In serious cases, it will be heated and even ignite the plastic components next to it.The signal terminals will also be loose due to the change of temperature in the environment, and poor contact caused by moisture erosion, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the connector of LED display screen regularly.When adjusting the fastener, the force should be uniform and appropriate, to ensure the firmness effective.
The surface of the display screen is clean
The LED display is visually measured and checked under the condition of bright screen and black screen.Including: whether the surface of the display screen is contaminated, the purpose is to remove the influence of surface dirt on the luminous properties;There is no damage crack on the surface of the display screen;Whether the communication distribution line is normal or not;For the equipment with high protection grade, although the components and connectors with high reliability are selected, their tightness becomes a key factor. Therefore, it is necessary to check the sealing place regularly.The surface paint and rust should be checked for the outdoor steel structure.For the outdoor screen surface pollution is particularly serious, the display surface should be cleaned.
If the operation of LED screen cleaning is overhead, professional cleaning team shall be provided.The cleaning operation adopts the high-altitude hoisting rope (commonly known as spider man) or adopts the hanging blue, which is equipped with professional cleaning equipment. The cleaning staff selects different cleaners for targeted cleaning according to different dirt on the screen, so as to ensure that the cleaning work of LED display screen can be completed without damaging the LED lamp tube and mask.
Two points need to be noted in cleaning preparation:
1. The power cord needs to be pulled out before cleaning.
2. Selection of cleaning liquid. Cleaning liquid generally includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic liquid, etc., so as to effectively clean the dust and other stains on the LED screen.
Cleaning maintenance is divided into three steps:
Step 1: vacuum.First, remove the screen mask surface dirt and dust.
Step 2: wet cleaning.Be careful not to spray the cleaning liquid directly on the screen, but to spray a little cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe in the same direction.Can also use the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to brush the lamp mask, clean the dirt.
Step 3: dry.Use the vacuum cleaner to absorb the water mark left after dry and wet cleaning to ensure the screen mask is clean and free of dust.
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