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LED display price

Led electronic display cost performance how to do really cheap and fine

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Led screen development is more and more popular, more and more types of products and models, so what kind of led electronic screen is really cheap and fine?
When we choose led display screen, how to determine whether it is suitable or not?What‘s the right price?Today, shenzhen derunsell co., ltd. will give you a brief introduction:

1. Raw materials: power supply (imported or domestic), IC (imported or domestic), led light, PCB board (thickness)
2. Driving mode: separation or integration;
3, the composition of the lamp: three lights or four lights;[led large screen]
4. Box body: simple and standard;
5. Refresh frequency;
6. Brightness ratio of led lamps;
7. What material is used for the foot of led lamp: iron and copper;[shenzhen LED display screen]
8. Led lamp chip size;
9. Technological process of the company;
10. Screen function: positive function, current gain, error detection.

In general, we should pay attention to the above ten points when purchasing led screens, because different quality and different product models may be different
Same, but when we are choosing and buying, want to hold key to be able only, go up in the aftersale of the product especially, should notice more, because the product is in service life
The length of the above is also an important condition that affects whether we want to buy or not.If it is used for a long time and the product is sold well, then it will be used very well in the future
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