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LED display

Drenthal explains how LED electronic displays work

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The working principle of LED electronic display screen is mainly analyzed from two aspects:
(I) composition of LED electronic display screen system:
This system is composed of computer special equipment, display screen, video input port and system software.
Computer and special equipment: computer and special equipment directly determine the function of the system, according to the user‘s different requirements for the system to choose different types.
Display screen: the control circuit of the display screen receives the display signal from the computer, drives the LED to emit light to produce the picture, and outputs sound by adding power amplifier and speaker.
Video input port: video input port is provided, signal source can be video recorder, DVD player, camera, etc., supporting NTSC, PAL, S_Video and other formats.
System software: provide LED playback special software, powerpoint or ES98 video playback software.
(ii)LED electronic display system functions
The system has the following functions:
With the computer as the processing control center, the electronic screen corresponds to a certain area of the computer display (VGA) window point by point, and the display content is synchronized in real time. The mapping position of the screen can be adjusted, and the size of the display screen can be conveniently selected at will.
The display dot matrix adopts ultra-high brightness LED light emitting tube (red and green dual primary colors), 256 levels of gray, 65,536 color change combinations, rich and realistic colors, and supports VGA 24-bit true color display mode.
Equipped with graphics and text information and 3d animation playback software, can play high-quality graphics and text information and 3d animation.Play the way that software shows information to have overlay, close, open shade, colour alternates, enlarge narrow wait for more than 10 kinds of forms.
Special program editing and playing software can be used to edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information by different input means such as keyboard, mouse and scanner.The programming is stored in the control host or server hard disk, and the program playing order and time can be integrated to play alternately, and can be superimposed on each other.
Video signals such as video recorder and DVD player can be received and displayed [1].
Technical characteristics
1. Excellent effect: adopting dynamic scanning technology, stable picture, no clutter, clear image effect, vivid animation effect and diversity;Video works smoothly;
2. Rich content: text, chart, image, animation and video information can be displayed;
3. Flexible mode: display mode can be arbitrarily arranged by users;
4. Quality assurance: imported luminous materials, high-quality IC chips and noiseless high-power power supply are adopted;
5. Large amount of information: the information displayed is not limited;
6. Easy maintenance: modular design, installation and maintenance;
7. Long-distance transmission: adopt advanced data transmission technology and use gigabit network high-speed data communication chip to support long-distance transmission without relay;
8, stable and reliable: the use of the latest international technology, the use of the world‘s popular ultra-large scale devices, improve the stability and reliability of the control system, and can support online upgrade
9. High efficiency and energy saving: advocate low-carbon, green and environmental protection, and LED display screen is developing towards more energy saving
LED display can display changing Numbers, text, graphic images;Not only can be used for indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with projectors, TV wall, LCD screen incomparable advantages.
LED is widely valued and rapid development, and its own advantages are inseparable.These advantages are summarized as: high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, long life, impact resistance and stable performance.
LED has a very broad development prospect and is developing towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability and panchromatic.
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