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LED display

Four common LED display system control methods

Time:2018-11-28 Views:89
LED display is more and more frequently appeared in the line of sight of people, all know that the application of LED display, but perhaps you don‘t really notice the LED display system control methods, to understand this may be more of less, the following to introduce several common methods of control, a more comprehensive understanding of LED display in everyone.
LED display four common system control methods, respectively for full color screen, single and double color screen, car screen and other indoor and outdoor screens.
1. Directly controlled by computer.
This involves connecting the screen to a computer and using a manufacturer‘s software to send text to the screen.
2, use U disk.
This involves taking the usb flash drive off the screen, putting it on a computer, using software from the manufacturer to write content into the usb flash drive, and then plugging the usb flash drive back into the display.
3. Wireless transmission.
Built-in GSM card, using the mobile phone to send SMS update content.
4. With remote control.
Use the remote control to enter content directly.
The above four types of system control methods depend on which system your LED screen USES and which of the above situations.
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