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How does outdoor LED display prevent condensation

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It is well known that condensation is a potential hidden danger of led display screen, especially for the parts that do not have three water-proof coating, such as the modular connector, and the condensation will probably corrode the metal material of the parts, thus affecting the performance of the connector and the display effect.Outdoor led display screen in the case of uncertainty such as wind, rain, thunder, snow, high and low temperature, etc., the circuit board is extremely easy to cause condensation and water beads, thus affecting the display screen. In this case, the product life is only about 30% of the indoor led display.
How to effectively prevent condensation and waterproof, improve the life of the display board, and save the repair cost has become a major problem for the quality of outdoor led display screens. Therefore, in view of the problem of easy condensation and short life of outdoor led display screens in harsh environments, we will take a look at the relevant solutions:
Anti-condensation solution for outdoor led display screen
In view of the problem of condensation of outdoor led displays, many applications of outdoor led displays in China are not protected by PCB products, so the problem is widespread.Based on the analysis of this situation, the solution of anti-condensation three anti-paint is used. On the one hand, the circuit board condensation problem is resolved. On the other hand, the product life can be improved.
The principle of anti-condensation solution for anti-condensation elimination of anti-condensation tri-coating is to make the top layer of the circuit board adhere to a layer of anti-condensation tri-coating with a thickness of micron through low-concentration micron coating technology. It has extremely low surface tension. In this way, the condensation on the circuit board will slide automatically, thus achieving the anti-condensation effect.
Anti-condensation solution for outdoor led display
Adopt electric heating method: add anti-condensation device inside the led display screen;The temperature inside the screen is always higher than the ambient temperature outside the screen, and the relative humidity inside the screen is kept as low as possible to prevent condensation inside the screen.
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