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How to choose whether or not to participate in the exhibition

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According to the survey of LED display enterprises, they can receive about 10 invitations a day during the peak season of the exhibition.In the face of a wide variety of exhibitions, LED enterprises see a dazzling.Then how to choose the exhibition to avoid the so-called "international" LED product exhibition held by some unqualified exhibition companies, so as to achieve the effect of business investment and brand communication?
For LED enterprises, if they want to achieve the effect of exhibitors, they need to win in the following four aspects:
One is to attend well-known exhibitions.Generally speaking, the higher the visibility of the exhibition, the more exhibitors and buyers are attracted, and the greater the possibility of transaction.If you attend a new exhibition, it depends on who is sponsoring it and how well it appeals in the industry.Famous exhibitions often charge higher fees, to save money, can be co-renting booths.Even so, the effect will be better than attending small, unknown fairs.
Second, verify the authenticity of the host unit.Do not see a few exhibition introduce say, guide unit, co-organizer holds up high a few ministry appoint sign, association sign, look very professional, exhibiting company should realize to check these ministry and association whether attend this exhibition, decide true and false.
Third, select exhibitor time and place.As the LED products are divided into peak season and low season. For example, in terms of location selection, the ultimate purpose of attending the exhibition is to promote products to the region. Therefore, it is necessary to study whether the host area and the surrounding radiation area of the exhibition are the target market of the enterprise and whether they have potential purchasing power.
Fourth, attend professional exhibitions.One of the characteristics of modern exhibitions is the increasing specialization.The specific contents of exhibitions in the same industry may be quite different.Exhibitors must know well in advance to avoid "going astray".
Of course, the participation of LED display enterprises in the exhibition must be determined according to their own company‘s actual situation, reasonable choice, rational choice.
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