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How to ensure the safety of LED display of wumei with frequent stage accidents

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 舞台砸伤事故频发 怎样确保舞台LED显示屏的安全
At about 5:30 am on October 29, 2015, in the guangxi sports center, the LED display, together with the stage light frame, which was being built for a singer concert suddenly collapsed.One person has been killed and more than 10 injured.Another safety accident, this is the third one exposed in several years. The safety problem of LED display has become a concern of the industry, and the elimination of safety hazards is also a problem that needs to be solved.
On July 23, 2015, five actors were injured when the wind blew during the performance in the ruzhou square cultural animal husbandry special performance.
On March 19, 2015, a large LED screen collapsed in the imperial theater in chiyoda district, Tokyo.Five dancers and a staff member were injured in the accident. One of them was seriously injured. Fortunately, there was no life danger.
From the appeal we can see that in recent years, there have been reports of injuries caused by stage LED display falling down.Nowadays, LED displays are more and more widely used. As an industry of high technology, this kind of hidden problems is worth further investigation and attention.
As an LED display manufacturer, it is imperative to pay attention to stage safety and eliminate hidden dangers of LED display.For the security hazard of LED display, we need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Is the stress on steel structure and the selection of steel reasonable?
The steel structure plays an important role in the use of LED display screen.Weak steel structure and unreasonable design can easily lead to collapse accident.In terms of the box material, the application of new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and nano-polymer can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of the LED display box.The lightweight case is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of products, but also reduces the load on the supporting buildings and trusses, making it safer.In addition, excellent structural design can also avoid the occurrence of LED display collapse accident.Leasehold LED stage displays are typically stacked high, or hoisted high, with cast and audience nearby, and structural safety is one of the most important aspects of the design process.Due to the short installation time, it is impossible to set aside a long time to check whether the cabinet connection can be checked quickly.
Power selection
Poor quality power can easily cause a fire.Use inferior power source or use the rated power of the power source to the maximum limit, bring about power supply overwork for a long time (can use the power supply only 75% of rated power of the power source commonly), again on power line terminal inferior and contact unsound, these may become the reason that causes fire hidden danger.
[iii] wire, flame retardant, low quality leakage, etc
The quality of wire in the market is uneven. Many wire shafts are copper clad with aluminum.This kind of line is used for temporary use, cannot be used at all on normal product.There is also the problem of copper quality of copper wire, the problem of insulation layer, and the problem of line size (generally required to be equipped with 1.2 times the maximum power of the display screen). As long as one of these problems is neglected, there will be hidden dangers, which will bring great disasters in the future.In addition, poor quality wire leakage leads to electric shock accidents.In most applications of the display screen, the larger the display unit area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the electrical stability of the wire.Among many wire products, only when the wire meets the requirements of national standards can its safety and stability be guaranteed.
4) poor design and manufacturing process
LED display works at high temperature, and heat dissipation is the first problem to be solved.If the LED screen area is too large, more difficult to heat.If the heat dissipation design and manufacturing process are not perfect, it will lead to the internal security risk caused by the temperature rise.
External causes
The LED display supplier did not conduct systematic training to the customer of purchase, resulting in improper operation.On the other hand, regular maintenance or late maintenance is not timely and meticulous, resulting in the failure to timely find and handle exceptions.
In addition, there is also the choice of kit, in particular occasions whether to choose flame-retardant materials;Use at high temperature, reasonable design of cooling system, etc.
A good project can build a brand, a safety accident can destroy a business.As the supplier of LED display screen, the most fundamental control work is not done well, is equivalent to the occurrence of laissez-faire accident.Please do a good job of every quality control, also a social security.
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