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LED display

LED color wall screen in the application needs to solve the problem

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LED color wall screen color rich, long service life and other characteristics, should be and high-end DISCO bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues on the background of the lights of the special requirements, so that the performance of indoor lighting is more rich and optimized.Leds are semiconductors that convert electrical energy into visible light, easily controlled and driven by low-voltage direct current.
The working principle of LED color wall screen is composed of two parts: drive and control. A small LED square light is used as the luminous display unit, and a number of square LED light pixel units are arranged in a certain matrix to form an LED screen or LED advertising billboard, which is also composed by connecting video controller and computer.
1. Advantages of LED
Leds are semiconductors that convert electrical energy into visible light.Its characteristics are:
A. high efficiency and low energy consumption.
B. The light quality is good. Because there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, there is no heat and no radiation.
C. Long life, nominal life of 100,000 hours with light flux attenuated to 50%.
D. It is safe to use. The working voltage of the monomer is about 1.5v ~5V, and the working current is about 20mA.
E. Green environmental protection, recyclable waste, no pollution;Unlike fluorescent lamps, which contain mercury.
F. Flexible control. Light can be dimmed by adjusting current, and the combination of different light colors can be dimmed.
These advantages make LED to be considered as an ideal green light source, has been more and more successful in the field of engineering lighting and display.LED has obvious advantages over traditional neon, incandescent, halogen and tungsten lamps in terms of color performance, light control, environmental protection and energy saving.LED pixel combination can form dynamic and changeable visual effect.
2. Problems to be solved
At present, DISCO bar lights and control system varieties, such as the construction of a shock full color display wall as an environmental background, the light source should give priority to the choice of LED, rather than the traditional power consumption, high difficulty in control, service life is not long, the system security coefficient is a little poor thermal radiation light source and gas discharge light source.
Design concept: the environment background design is novel, environmental protection, under the computer control color changes, reflects the characteristics of high grade DISCO bar.Through the overall point-by-point control, cascade data transmission and instant response of the system, the overall unified control of LED lights inside the bar can be achieved, and the corresponding tone (such as displaying simple changing pictures) and atmosphere can be adjusted.
3. Design thinking
LED screen display involves optics, electricity, control, machinery, materials, art and other multidisciplinary technology.Under the premise of ensuring the lighting function, the design achieves the visual effect consistent with the environment.
The specific design can adopt the square luminous (display) unit, which is composed of several leds. That is, in the square opalescent PC protective cover, there is a circuit board welded with several leds.Such a "bulb" a square pixel unit arranged according to certain matrix and through the positioning snap ring and screw on the fire prevention board, the fire prevention board is installed on the wall is a kind of square bulb LED screen wall, and connect the video controller and computer constitute a simple structure of the colored wall screen display system.The whole color wall screen display system can achieve the overall unified control of LED lights inside the bar through the overall point-by-point control, cascade data transmission, and instant response of the system, and adjust the corresponding tone (such as displaying simple changing pictures) and atmosphere effect.
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