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Led display in education industry of deep ploughing and application

Time:2018-12-15 Views:52
With the deepening of the wisdom urban construction, the development of wisdom campus is also in constant speed, the related industries to speed up in wisdom education, artificial intelligence and so on a series of technology to boost the layout of the progressive education field, led display industry is no exception, roll out technology innovation in the field of intellectual education, products and solutions.Not only that, the education market in the industry screen enterprises are also accelerating the layout.
Recently, by China education equipment industry association sponsored by the 75th China education equipment exhibition in jiangxi province nanchang Greenland international expo center smoothly held, it is reported that many screen enterprises in the industry have appeared in the education equipment exhibition.
In this exhibition, PH1.2 small-spacing led screen and VR technology combined to create a "smart" classroom trip, with ultra-4k resolution and super-large size display screen, significantly improve the VR technology experience, for the audience to show a new way of teaching, it is said to be a flood of praise.
In this exhibition, there are also small spacing led screen P1.25(four lights in one), p1.667, P3.91 transparent screen and the campus real 3d virtual studio system combined wonderful appearance.The "wisdom" classroom created by using small spacing led screen combined with the campus real 3d virtual studio system attracts many audiences to participate in it.
Is LED show education related enterprises rapidly into one of the wise path in the field of education, and also can through the school existing display engineering into the field of education, wisdom is the mainstay of this school display screen LED display itself, conference room, studio and so on all need the LED display screen, and whether VR or small spacing "wisdom" classroom display solutions, let the LED display and education more fusion.
LED display screen in the education field
LED intelligent display solutions integrated with VR, 3D and other technologies will play a greater role in education field.First of all, the addition of virtual technology enables the screen to actively interact with the audience, bringing an unprecedented sense of real experience.Secondly, compared with traditional display screens, small-spacing led display screens, transparent screens and even special-shaped screens have much higher display effects and attractiveness than traditional display screens, which can better guide students to immerse themselves in the content displayed and help teachers optimize teaching.
In the future, many excellent intelligent education LED display solutions in the industry will be recognized by more pioneers in education field, and will be widely used in the reform and upgrading process of education teaching and training field in the future.
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