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На открытом воздухе три основных элемента

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Outdoor LED display is a very important application branch in the LED display industry, which is widely used in outdoor advertising, traffic information guidance, environmental monitoring and other industries. 
The outdoor LED display has the features of seamless joint and flexible installation. Compared with traditional products, it is light and light in weight. Besides, the color is clearer and fuller, which enables people to see more pleasant video pictures.When people buy outdoor LED screens, they all want to have good playback effect. So which points should they pay attention to when buying high-quality outdoor LED screens?The editor of deroncel (www.leddrse.com) will analyze it.
A flatness, the LED display screen: in order to ensure the LED display images won‘t be distorted, outdoor LED display of the surface roughness would be must remain within + / - 1 mm, if not meet this requirement, and local, the phenomenon of the concave and convex will lead to outdoor LED display in the visual Angle has a blind Angle problem when play the video.Therefore, flatness can be said to be a major factor in judging high-quality outdoor LED screens.
2. Look at the brightness of LED display screen: under normal circumstances, the brightness of outdoor LED display screen should be more than 1500cd/m2 before normal display can be guaranteed, otherwise, the image content will be blurred due to insufficient brightness.Therefore, if you want to buy an outdoor LED display with good display effect, you should see the quality and brightness parameters of the LED beads.
Three, watching the white balance of LED display screen: red, green and blue of the three primary color proportion is 1:4. Lost. 16 at the time of the screen will show the most pure white, therefore, if the outdoor LED display manufacturer produces display slightly deviation on the proportion of primary colors will cause deviation within the white balance, thus causes the display of the outdoor LED display quality is affected, so at the time of purchase to see the white balance is also very important.
The above three aspects are the three important points that people should pay special attention to when buying outdoor LED display.
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