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Talent Concept

Talent concept
· the view of selecting talents -- having both virtues and talents, being the first and only being useful;
· the concept of education -- the combination of talent teaching, mentorship system and department management system;
· talent view -- to know the good from the bad;The use of people without suspicion, the best of talent;
· talent retention -- salary retention, platform retention, opportunity retention and culture retention;
Training to grow
Deroncel attaches great importance to employee training and development and expects to give each employee better development space.For each new employee, delun sell will carry out orientation training, including product, system, department situation, corporate culture, etc., to help the new employee to understand the company and integrate into the company more quickly.
New employees will work in the department as soon as they finish the orientation training. The department manager will help new employees get familiar with the company‘s system and work process quickly, integrate into the department and carry out their work smoothly.
Promotion route
· management line: beginner -- experienced -- grassroots manager -- middle manager -- top manager
· technical line: assistant engineer -- engineer -- senior engineer -- technical expert -- senior technical expert
Salary and welfare
· compensation :(1) fixed salary (2) special reward (3) performance bonus (4) long-term incentive
· benefits: legal benefits (five social insurance and one housing fund), parents‘ pension, group building, staff restaurant, free accommodation
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