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Drexel has been deeply engaged in the LED display industry to build a world-renowned LED brand

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LED lighting technology has been popular in the industry for its environmental protection, high brightness, low heat and long life since its invention.LED lights, LED displays, LED devices, LED backlight and other products are widely used in various fields.


OFweek semiconductor lighting network interviewed zhou runxin, general manager of drexel photoelectric co., LTD

Respondent: general manager zhou runxin

Since the invention of LED lighting technology, its characteristics of environmental protection, high brightness, low heat and long life have been welcomed by the industry.LED lights, LED displays, LED devices, LED backlight and other products are widely used in various fields.LED application products and services are mainly used in the fields of sports, media advertising, entertainment rental, transportation, television, command center and smart city landscape lighting.Fintech related products and services, mainly used in banking and telecommunications, etc.The new sports business mainly provides professional sports equipment rental services, advertising rights and interests sales services, sports stadium renovation and event operation services for sports venues and top competitions.It can be said that LED has become an indispensable part of our life.

In recent years, China has vigorously promoted smart home and smart city, and LED technology has been widely applied in architectural lighting, landscape lighting and home lighting, etc., and the domestic LED industry has ushered in a small outbreak period.According to the monthly monitoring report of China‘s LED display export by OFweek industrial research institute, the total amount of China‘s LED display export in the first quarter of 2018 was $705 million, down 60.5% year-on-year.In the past two years, the LED market in China has recovered and warmed up. In particular, large enterprise groups, government and public institutions have been in great demand for LED display products. The sales of major enterprises in the domestic market have been growing rapidly.By contrast, overseas markets show a downward trend of varying degrees.

Recently, OFweek semiconductor lighting network interviewed zhou runxin, general manager of shenzhen derunsel optoelectronics co., LTD., and discussed the current situation of the global LED market and the Chinese market as well as the market performance and future planning of derunser co., LTD. The following is the main content of the interview.


Drexel has been deeply engaged in the LED display industry to build a world-renowned LED brand 


Many people in the industry say that a large part of China‘s LED industry is supported by exports. However, in recent years, the overseas market has been declining to different degrees, which is caused by various factors.Zhou thinks that the exchange rate deficit of RMB against usd and the decline of buying will of LED export in international market are the main reasons for LED overseas market to show different degrees of decline.He said that China‘s LED exports account for more than 80% of the world‘s total. According to the data, the domestic LED export market is declining, but China‘s LED industry is on the rise.

With the increase of domestic LED demand, the LED industry is still on the rise in recent years

"The maturity of China‘s semiconductor industry has LED to the decline in the price of components, which has LED to the development of the LED industry. In recent years, China‘s LED industry has performed very well, which has brought a good demonstration to the domestic market.Coupled with the increase in domestic demand LED to a rapid growth driver."Mr. Zhou said.

Shenzhen is still the main battleground for the LED industry

Shenzhen shows the world what is called "China speed". Shenzhen has always been a business card of China‘s electronics industry and LED industry. There are many LED companies in shenzhen, whose performance can be regarded as the industry‘s bellwether and barometer.Zhou said that in recent years, many LED factories have moved away from shenzhen, which gives the impression that shenzhen is no longer the main field of LED. In fact, shenzhen is still the main source of LED.

Drexel has been deeply engaged in the LED display industry to build a world-renowned LED brand 

As for the proportion of the company‘s export and domestic market, President zhou takes global LED market as an example. The output value of China‘s LED export accounts for about half of the world‘s LED, and drenser is no exception as a part of the industry.The company‘s export and domestic market share each takes half, he believes that as a local LED enterprise, the development and expansion first need to occupy the domestic market, and then occupy the foreign market.

"If local LED enterprises want to go to the high-end market, it is a good choice to boost domestic demand with exports. At present, foreign countries have a higher awareness of LED products than foreign countries.LED exports to high-end development, because the export of LED display screen maintenance costs high, while the domestic market is a development road."Mr. Zhou said.

Deeply rooted in the LED display industry, the future comprehensive layout product line

Due to the wide application of LED products, it is not easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on a certain field and take the lead in this subdivided industry. Delunzel is deeply rooted in the LED display industry, and then gradually expands the product line, so as to comprehensively lay out the LED product line in the future.

Zhou said that 2018 is the first year of industrial layout of delunser. Currently, the company‘s products include LED display, LED lighting, LED street lamp, LED solar energy, LED components, etc., but its main business is still LED display.As the company‘s revenue and market performance grow, it is also actively planning new product lines and setting up production bases around the world to make its LED products available in more fields.

As an early established local LED enterprise in shenzhen, the company has customers in more than 180 countries around the world, and its products are very popular in Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, France, Russia and other countries.

Drexel has been deeply engaged in the LED display industry to build a world-renowned LED brand 


Push small spacing LED display screen with glass screen

Many people say that 2018 will be the year when the LED industry will be reshuffled. For domestic LED enterprises, besides expanding the LED product line and improving the market share of products to put themselves in a favorable position in the industry, it is also necessary to launch competitive products. After all, this is an era when products are used.Zhou said that delun sell mainly promoted small-spacing LED display and glass screen this year, because the small-spacing LED display is very popular in smart city, smart transportation and banking, and smart city is a promising field for the company, which is also in active layout.For smart city, the company‘s small-spacing LED display screen below 1.2 is in the trial production, while the products with small spacing above 1.2 can achieve mass production, and the technology is quite mature.There are now eight small spacing models, with 1.8 being the most widely used, mainly in aviation, teaching and museums.

The future is promising for OLED, but leds perform better on the big screen

In recent years, some LED companies are promoting OLED technology, while some mobile phones with OLED screens have been launched in foreign countries. Zhou is always optimistic about the prospects of LED, and believes that the market potential of OLED screens in the future is huge.However, at present, LED display still has its own features and advantages, such as OLED mainly used in small screens, such as mobile phones, wearable products, and the performance of LED on the big screen is not as good.OLED‘s future is also limitless, thanks to its outstanding performance in color blocks.

Automobile lighting and interconnection lighting are also the future development direction of the company

In recent years, the automobile lighting market also presents a booming development trend. "automobile lighting is the direction of the company‘s future development efforts. At present, the product aimed at this is in the stage of development, and no substantial product has been launched yet.""Mr. Zhou said.

Many lighting enterprises are optimistic about the prospects of interconnection lighting this year, for the interconnection lighting, general manager zhou is also very recognized.As far as the company is concerned, there will be no large-scale layout of interconnection lighting product line in the near future, because of the involvement in network security.But on a small scale, it will also be actively developed and promoted. In the field of smart home lighting, the company will also invest in research and development.

The company‘s revenue figures are a sign of strength, with drexel reporting revenue of 150 million yuan in 2017 and an operating target of 300 to 1 billion yuan in 2018.Zhou said the company now has more than 30 people in the world‘s top research and development team, the core personnel from Japan, Taiwan and other industry experts.In 2018, the company will increase the investment in product research and development, expand the team and enhance the technical strength.

In the future, drensel research institute will be established to create a world-renowned LED brand

China‘s manufacturing sector is growing fast, but it is relatively weak in core intellectual property, as is the LED sector."China needs to increase its investment in research and development in the area of intellectual property, and the company plans to set up the drensel LED institute by 2020.Build the core technology of the product.""Mr. Zhou said.

Asked if there is a plan to go public, Mr. Zhou said the company‘s listing depends on the specific policies and the cooperation between the government and the company.

During OFweek reporters, DE embellish self Russian customers are to visit them, asked about the current situation of the cooperation with DE embellish self and vision, the customer said, now is the project cooperation with DE embellish self is outdoor display screen, very pleased with their service, the special come to shenzhen to visit DE embellish self, is to see weeks total, the future always welcome week to open a branch in Russia.Before choosing derenser, the client contacted several LED display companies in shenzhen, but chose them because he was optimistic about zhou‘s experience and people.

How did the company‘s "drenser" come about?President zhou expressed the meaning of drexel four words, Germany represents character, business should have virtue;Embellish represents nourishing all things, strong vitality;Sale is a race against industry.

Summary: in recent years, the domestic LED industry has been developing rapidly and promising. The growth of domestic demand has brought about the expansion and layout of enterprises. From the product and planning of derenser, we can see the current situation of the LED industry.

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