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Correct installation of outdoor LED billboard four basic links

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The correct installation of outdoor LED billboard four basic links, outdoor LED display billboards have good stability, low consumption, wide range of radiation and other advantages, used in the outdoor information dissemination, is the most appropriate product.Basically, common LED screens include advertising screen, letter screen, picture and text screen, etc., which are also the first choice for urban life and brightness.
Then, when building this kind of high-quality LED advertisement outdoors, what detail factors should be paid attention to? I believe these contents are the topics that people pay the most attention to, especially for some technical construction personnel. Knowing how to build and maintain the outdoor advertising screen will strongly promote the advertising and information dissemination of merchants.Specifically speaking, outdoor billboard LED electronic display installation has field investigation, equipment construction, installation, debugging and use of four links.
1. Field investigation
Here refers to some outdoor LED display before the installation, should according to the specific environment, the scope of radiation, topography and geomorphology, bright enough to accept ability to tianjin new unified test parameters, such as, in order to ensure smooth installation of the billboard, requirements before installation and operation must be carried out according to the lifting scheme of unified command staff, this equipment can be normal use, stable.
Ii. LED equipment construction
For some outdoor LED billboard construction, to distinguish between the wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen.In actual installation, the crane and winch should be used for segmentalized hoisting according to the distance and height. Meanwhile, the above personnel should cooperate with each other to provide a better installation and use process for the LED advertisement screen for aerial work.
Iii. Debugging of luminous radiation range
Next, must carry on the specific scope of radiation detection, because of the radiation range, LED display structures, Angle of view is different, according to the field to accept ability with you normal scope for outdoor LED display and fixed installation work, ensure that every point of view from a distance, can meet the normal information, balanced image brightness, subtitles.
Iv. Follow-up inspection and maintenance
Follow-up tests, including many range, such as LED display waterproof, heat sink, LED waterproof coating, screen above the rain, on both sides of the cooling air, power supply lines and so on, the basic components of the stability of good graphic LED display, later period maintenance, it have to be unified management of maintenance for these parts, when you meet the product rust, instability and damage need to change in time, ensure the safety of the entire screen is used.
In general, outdoor LED display, using high-tech backplane heat dissipation, dot light source to unified management, more conducive to the use of the screen, the basis of outdoor advertising screen installation steps are once again shows the important link of the LED display installation, master these, you can let us more smoothly and quickly use advertising screens, play its good characteristics of information dissemination.
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