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Outdoor LED display project budget reference report

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Before we decide to do the LED display project, we will make a detailed budget report. In this report, we need to indicate whether it is outdoor or indoor. The project cost is totally different due to different locations.The budget for outdoor LED display projects, for example, is basically made up of the following four types of construction costs.
I. cost of foundation engineering
The so-called foundation engineering, is to fix the LED display screen civil engineering foundation.Its project price composition includes: earth excavation backfill, concrete, steel and other materials and machinery, labor costs.The quotation of this part is based on the volume of earth and concrete, namely yuan/square, the steel bar is quoted by weight, namely yuan/ton, and the labor in construction is quoted by days, namely yuan/work day.General valuation can be unified for the volume of reinforced concrete valuation, can be estimated between 700-1000 yuan, volume large price lower.The volume of the civil foundation is generally roughly equal to the area of the upper screen, for example, the volume of the foundation of 40 square screens is generally around 40 square.
Strong and weak electrical wiring costs
The construction cost of the strong and weak electrical wiring project of outdoor LED display screen project includes: cable, pipeline groove, installation of pipeline groove, laying labor, etc.The cable, pipeline groove and its installation are all quoted in length, that is, yuan/meter, and the laying man is quoted in days, that is, yuan/working day.General valuation can be unified for the length of the wiring calculation, if their own construction can only be calculated according to the actual calculation.The cable with large cross section should be put in place as far as possible due to the large cable specifications and large market price changes.In weak current cable, the 8-core network cable is generally estimated to be 4 yuan/meter, the shielded soft wire is generally estimated to be 10 yuan/meter, and the optical fiber is generally estimated to be 6 yuan/meter.For each end of optical fiber, additional material cost (fusion, tail fiber, etc.) of RMB 280 is required.
Cost of steel frame
The cost of the outdoor LED display steel structure frame is composed of: steel material, steel material reprocessing, welding labor, and auxiliary material costs.The quotation of steel materials and materials reprocessing is based on weight, that is, yuan/ton, while the quotation of welding labor is based on days, that is, yuan/work day.General valuation can be unified for the weight of steel, namely yuan/ton.The steel material is usually 4500-5500 yuan/ton (adjusted according to the market price), the reprocessing is generally 600-1500 yuan/ton (adjusted according to the reprocessing method), the welding labor is generally 2000-3500 yuan/ton, the auxiliary material is about 500yuan/ton, so the general steel structure construction is 7000-9500 yuan/ton (excluding reprocessing).In LED display screen engineering, the weight of the general frame can be estimated according to 0.15 tons/m2. If the column is installed, the column body is estimated according to 0.4 tons/m, and the double column should be doubled.
4. Construction cost of external decoration
The construction cost of outdoor LED display panel outside decoration engineering includes: decoration materials, artificial decoration and auxiliary materials.The quotation of decorative materials and auxiliary materials is based on the area, that is, yuan/square meter. The quotation of decorative labor is based on days, that is, yuan/work day.The area that general appraisal can unify is adornment material is valued, namely yuan/square metre.Aluminous model board adornment is in commonly 450-650 yuan/square metre.The LED display screen is like a hexahedron, as long as all surface area is calculated minus the display area, it is decorative area, plus 15% of processing loss, which is the final area.
The above is the budget report of outdoor LED display project made by drensel for everyone. The prices of various materials are based on the current local prices.When making detailed budget report, please pay close attention to local market price trend, the best condition is to consult professional design institute related personage to confirm for you.
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