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How much is the stage rental LED display price per square meter?How to choose a model

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In concerts, large stages, commercial exhibitions and other activities, you can see the shadow of stage rental LED screen, live performance through the stage LED screen, rich content, vivid effect.How much is the price of stage rental LED screen for friends who want to rent it?What factors are involved?How to choose the model?Delenser, a professional manufacturer of LED rental screen, will answer for you:

Delenser 2013 Spring Festival gala LED rental screen case

I. price of LED display for stage rental
Stage rental LED display price, currently on the market is in commonly 4000 ~ 8000 yuan / ㎡, of course, this just offer screen.In addition by the model, the screen area.
Factors influencing the price of stage LED display:
1. Screen body price: generally according to the quotation of * * * yuan/m2, and the model and configuration are different, the price will be different.This includes the cost of renting LED display body, including LED beads, IC chip, module power supply, plastic mask and box body/magnet, as well as signal line and power line.
2. Cost of control system: the cost of sending and receiving CARDS shall be determined according to the size of stage rental LED display screen. The larger the screen area and density, the more receiving CARDS shall be used.
3. Playback software: control system playback software, which is generally free of charge, and supporting the use and subsequent technical support.
4. Supporting equipment: computer, audio amplifier, distribution cabinet, multi-function control card, arrester and LED video processor, etc.Indoor relative outdoor, supporting equipment is less, after all, do not need lightning, waterproof and so on.
5. Steel frame and labor cost: labor cost of steel frame and screen body installation used to fix and install the stage and rent LED display screen.(1) drensel can contract to fix the steel frame, decorate the edge and install manual work, and complete the overall installation and debugging of LED display.(2) derensel can also provide steel frame drawings for free, send technicians to assist in installation, and users can find local steel structure manufacturers to complete.
6. Technical expenses: if technicians are needed to guide the installation and debugging, they shall be responsible for the cost of accommodation and food for the technical engineers and the cost of travelling back and forth.

Ii. Selection of LED display model for stage rental
Currently, the models of delenser stage rental LED display screen are P4.81, P3.91, P3, P4, P5, P6, etc. The following are some reference Suggestions provided, of course, none of them are absolute, the specific needs of customers shall be determined.
1. If it is a performance stage, stage of interim meetings, wedding indoor shooting out wedding stage and so on, generally require the light is downy, viewing distance is relatively close, about scope of 5 meters or so, at this point to consider effect of showing the picture accuracy, shoot out, whether to install mobile is convenient wait for a problem, the optional model is P4.81, P4 and P5.
2. If the stage is used for performance, the model P4.81 stage LED screen is the first one to be considered in consideration of the comprehensive price and playing effect. When the budget cost exceeds, P5 full-color screen will be considered.
3. If the display area is small, it is recommended to choose the specification with high density. If the area is large, you can choose the specification with low density.Large area can choose large screen.P4 model is recommended for the screen area within 5 square meters;P4.81 should be used for screen area over 10 square meters;Screen area above 20 square meters is optional P5

Three, customized stage rental LED screen user instructions
1. Installation place: such as conference room, lobby, hotel, stage and so on
2. Installation style: stick wall, insert wall, fix wall or mobile performance stage
3. Purpose: text, picture or video?Or do you have any special functional requirements
4. Size: provide the length, height or area of the stage rental screen
5. Model: if you do not understand, please consult derensel for the recommended model
6. Site photos: if possible, it is better to provide photos with clear requirements
7. If the site installation is limited, please measure the maximum size of the installation location
The above is the stage rental LED display price and model selection Suggestions, the specific quotation needs to provide more detailed demand information, and specific communication with LED rental display manufacturers, will get more information, in order to understand the actual price. 
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