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LED display price

How to calculate the price cost of full-color LED display

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Nowadays, people live a rich life and walk on the street outdoors. The most impressive thing is the full-color LED electronic big screen.Its application scope mainly includes: hotel LED display, school LED display, real estate advertising LED display, airport terminal LED displayThe large LED screens come from different manufacturers and vary in price and quality.However, the main factors that determine the price of full-color LED display are as follows.

Wedding stage full color LED display
LED lamp beads.This can cost anywhere from 30% to 70% of the full color display.LED lamp bead is the most important component of LED screen, with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of beads per square meter.The LED lamp mainly has the straight plug-in lamp and the table stick lamp. The straight plug-in lamp is mainly used for outdoor LED full color screen with high brightness.Tabbed type is mainly used for indoor LED display with high density.The prices of LED lamp beads of different brands vary greatly. High-end brands include American koryo and Japan‘s Japan Asia, etc. These brands are reliable in quality, good in stability, high in brightness, and of course expensive in price.Domestic use most shi LAN, jinyuan, and so on, these several brands cost-effective, most users can accept.

Iii. Box structure.The box body structure has the ordinary simple box body, the waterproof box body cent.Simple cases are the cheapest and do not require waterproof design
Steel structure.Due to the influence of installation place, installation mode, size of LED screen, selection of frame structure and other factors, especially when making outdoor LED display screen, the project price varies greatly due to the influence of construction environment.The price of steel structure frame includes the cost of steel materials, reprocessing of steel materials, welding labor and auxiliary materials.The quotation of steel materials and materials reprocessing is based on the unit of weight. If the column is installed, the price of steel and civil engineering of the column should also be included.
Other auxiliary equipment.Other materials include power supply, control system, acoustics, cooling equipment, wire and various accessories for making full-color LED displays.
5. Years of after-sales service
At present, most manufacturers provide free after-sales service for one or two years. Of course, if your LED full-color display screen requires high requirements, manufacturers can provide three, five or even longer free service time, which is more secure for your products and more reliable to use.
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