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LED full color screen distribution box frequent trip reasons

Time:2018-11-27 Views:141
Some people always ask why LED full-color screen power distribution box frequently trip?Below LED full color screen manufacturers on the LED full color screen frequent trip to do a simple analysis.Hope to solve your LED full color screen distribution box trip puzzle.
Generally, there are four factors for frequent tripping of distribution box of LED full-color display screen: unreasonable layout of leakage protector, failure to form effective secondary or tertiary leakage protection within the scope of protection, limitations of leakage protector itself (unbalanced three-phase electricity consumption), unreasonable selection of leakage protector and so on.
1. Unreasonable layout of leakage protector
Due to the particularity of the installation site of LED full-color display screen and the inevitable misoperation and refusal of the leakage protector itself, as well as the failure to arrange the leakage protector according to the actual situation of electricity consumption, the total leakage protector often trips.
LED display solution: in this case, in addition to strengthening management, but also from the perspective of technology, according to the actual situation of the leakage protector for reasonable layout.
2. No effective secondary or tertiary leakage protection is formed within the protection scope
The final stage leakage protector in the switch box is the main protection of electrical equipment. As there are many metal conductors and wire connectors in the LED full-color display screen, if the wire insulation is not very good, it will lead to frequent leakage of electricity.Some also added some sockets, in many cases do not install leakage protector, often resulting in leakage.
LED display solution: only in each protection range to form an effective secondary or tertiary leakage protection mode, in order to effectively reduce the frequent trip of leakage protector.
3. Leakage protector itself has certain limitations (unbalanced three-phase electricity)
Current leakage protector, whether electromagnetic or electronic, USES magnetic induction voltage transformer to pick up leakage current in the main circuit of electrical equipment. Three-phase or three-phase four-wire cannot be completely balanced in the magnetic ring.The three-phase power load of LED full-color display screen is also impossible to be completely balanced. Under large current or high overvoltage, a certain electromotive force will be induced in the magnetic ring with high magnetic conductivity, which is large enough to cause the leakage protector to trip.
4. Unreasonable selection of leakage protector
Rating of the switch used in the leakage current action more than 30 ma or is more than rated current electrical equipment more than twice the leakage protector, or with the delay type leakage protector, due to the increase of leakage current action rating or a reduction in the protection sensitivity, the leakage fault occurs, the end leakage protector without action, the higher leakage protector can action.
LED display solution: when the LED full-color display is energized, the starting current is usually relatively large, which may make the leakage protector trip.Therefore, as far as possible in batches to the display box on the electricity.In addition, generally should choose to surge over voltage, over current is not too sensitive to the electromagnetic leakage protector;Or choose the electronic leakage protector 1.5~2 times larger than the rated current, but as the final stage of leakage protection, the rated leakage action current should not be greater than 30mA.
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