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How to detect the quality of LED panel and common methods

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LED electronic display is an important component of LED panel, if the panel has problems, it will directly affect the overall quality of LED panel!Therefore, how to distinguish the quality of LED panel is a concern of LED display manufacturers. The following is a list of common methods to detect LED panel.
A, material
1. LED panel plate
Some LED panel manufacturers use cheap, flame-retardant paper or single-sided fibreboard as LED PCB boards to compete for lower prices.Because all glass fiber PCB board is very expensive.At the beginning, no difference can be seen. Generally, within one year, the LED panel will break due to damp, ultraviolet damage, oxidation and other reasons, leading to the scrapping of the whole LED panel.High quality LED unit board must be made of double-sided fiberglass PCB board. Although the cost is high, the quality is guaranteed.
2. IC device
Observe whether the brand of IC device used is consistent.What type of IC is used, and how many IC is used, are enough to affect the quality of LED panel.Some LED display manufacturers will deliberately reduce the number of IC, or other brands of IC, in the production of unit panels in order to save costs.
3. Lamp beads and chips:
The naked eye can‘t tell whether a lamp is good or bad.You can only rely on a long test, which is what the experts call an aging test.The general practice of LED display panel manufacturers is: power on before delivery, check whether the LED display panel can operate normally, and it will not pass the aging test for a long time.Because there are time costs and labor costs.
2. Welding quality
Check the patch to see if there is any component missing or mis-sticking, and whether there is a burr or short circuit in the pin of the component.Check whether the welding spot of the straight plug is smooth and round, and whether the plate surface is clean and tidy.Check the smoothness of the luminous dot matrix and ink color consistency.
Electrical test
Electrical test (refer to "performance test report") :
The consistency of the luminescent lattice tested by circuit current;
PDC test is effective in protecting CEM4953 line drive tube;
Power on test signal transmission capability.
The above is a common way to check the quality of LED panels, hoping to help LED display manufacturers.In addition, quality is the king. The manufacturer also needs to reject the cheap and shoddy LED display screen, so as to avoid damage to the unit board and subsequent unnecessary maintenance.
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