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LED display lamp drive in one and separate the lamp drive difference

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LED board, usually lamp board and drive board.Currently there are two design schemes on the market, one is the lamp drive integration, one is the lamp drive separation.Today, delancel explains what lamp drive oneness is and what lamp drive separation is.
Lamp drive in one: the LED lamp and driving IC are all on one PCB board, and IC is on the front of the PCB, saving the copper plug.
Lamp drive separation: the LED is on a separate PCB board, and the driving IC is on another PCB board. The two PCB boards are connected by means of pin arrangement and pin arrangement.
Comparison between lamp drive oneness and lamp drive separation:
1. From the perspective of cost: the cost of lamp drive integration is slightly lower.
2. From the perspective of maintenance, it is easy to repair the lamp drive separation, because it can be replaced to detect each other, and the lamp drive separation lamp can be collected together, so it is easy to change the lamp.
3. From the perspective of heat dissipation, light drive separation is more conducive to heat dissipation.
Light drive separation is commonly used for the following reasons:
First, the LED display screen USES plug-in LED. The LED lamp foot affects the normal placement of driving IC on the back side, so the separation method of lamp drive is adopted
Second, the spot spacing of LED screen is too small, which affects the routing of PCB circuit in electronic design. The lamp drive separation method can increase the wiring area of PCB board
Thirdly, it is conducive to heat dissipation without affecting the display effect of LED. For example, when the LED lamp is used in combination with the lamp drive, when the LED lamp has high density, the heat energy of driving IC will be high. At this time, the heat energy of driving IC will directly affect the LED lamp facing IC through PCB, making LED lamp color change.This does not occur with lamp drive separation.
It is worth noting that the internal scanning screen (due to the small number of chips) USES relatively more integrated lamp drives (saving cost), while the outdoor LED display usually adopts the form of lamp drive separation to extend the screen effect and life.
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