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How does column type outdoor LED display make safety check

Time:2018-10-11 Views:234
Besides ensuring the quality of the screen body, there is another important point to consider, which is the column of the LED display. To investigate the safety of the outdoor LED display column, the following three aspects can be taken into consideration:
Check the base of LED display column.There are mainly two types of basement form and arrangement:
1. One is the balanced gravity type, that is, the upper load is mainly balanced by the gravity of large volume foundation, and is generally concrete basement.This type of foundation is suitable for use in soft soil with open construction site.
2. The other type is pile foundation type, in which reaming pile is the main type. This type of base can be selected under the condition of limited construction site.When determine advertising screen basal primary must check the initial drawings, construction materials, and then in a condition to allow only the condition must be to excavation of basement, find out the basal way, buried depth, scale and other conditions are consistent with the drawings, and sampling test was carried out on the LED display basal plug intensity, other field exploration about advertising screen, choose balance gravity type foundation must pay special attention to the steel column around the roots of uplift of foundation soil, loose, and under the wind load base forming a concave on the surface of the soil collapse after shake, if have, explain its basal resistance to capsizing can not meet the requirements, under the influence of wind is in danger of collapse at any time,Reinforcement should be carried out immediately.
Ii. Check the material of the vertical column and the connection quality of the foundation.First of all, the deflection of the LED display steel column should be measured. The deflection of the steel column should not be greater than 1000/H and should be measured in two directions.The second is the inspection of the steel quality of the advertising screen steel pipe column. The inspection of the steel appearance quality can be divided into uniformity, whether there are interlayer, crack, non-metal adulteration and obvious segregation and so on.When there is doubt about the quality of steel, the safety of structural members should be ensured.Finally, check whether the steel column rust phenomenon and the quality of the steel structure protective coating.The quality of the steel structure protective coating shall be tested according to the current national standards for related products.
The outdoor LED display steel pipe column is usually bolted or welded to the base.If the bolts are connected, check whether there are any missing bolts during inspection, and the bolts cannot be damaged by deformation, slipping and loosening.Where there are design drawings, specifications and models of bolts shall meet the design requirements;Bolts should be well treated against rust. If rust is serious, they should be replaced immediately. Bolts should be firmly and reliably tightened.For high strength bolts, the embedded depth of the bolts should meet the requirements of the specification.
Inspection of upper steel frame bar system.At present, the connection between the steel column and the upper steel frame bar system is usually in the following two forms:
1. One is t-shaped, whose main frame is made of steel column and upper transverse main beam, which are fixedly connected with t-shaped. LED display is connected with t-shaped frame structure through various components and inclined supports.
2. The other is space truss, whose main skeleton is welded by an independent steel column and the upper several parallel transverse main girders. The main girders are connected by horizontal and oblique supports to form a space truss system.
Due to the light weight of the column of outdoor LED display, there will be some security risks after a period of use. The main structure of LED display must be checked and maintained regularly to ensure safety.
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