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LED display category selection

How to purchase led screen cost performance quality products

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Led display is becoming more and more popular with more and more products and models. So what kind of led electronic display is the real one
Cheap and fine?How should we decide if the led display is suitable?How much is the price?Today shenzhen derunser photoelectric has
Limited company for you brief introduction
1. Raw materials: power supply (imported or domestic), IC (imported or domestic), led lamp, PCB board (thickness)
2. Driving mode: separation or unity;
3. Composition of lamps: three or four lamps;[led big screen]
4. Box: simple and standard;
5. Refresh frequency;
6. Brightness ratio of led lights;
7. What materials are used for led lamp feet: iron, copper;[shenzhen LED display screen]
8. Led lamp chip size;
9. Technological process of the company;
10. Screen implementation function: positive function, current gain, error detection.
In general, led display is on the selection, we should pay attention to the above ten points, because different quality, different product model may not be able to differentiate
Same, but when we are buying, as long as the focus can be grasped, especially in the product after sale, should pay more attention, because the product is in service life
The length is also an important factor influencing whether we want to buy.If it is used for a long time and the product is sold well, it will be very good for later use
Convenient.[LED display price]
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