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Which is better, liquid crystal display or led display

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The LCD screen refers to the large LCD screen or the LCD screen. As for which one is better, the effect of different application scenes will be different. Besides, the LCD price is lower than the led price.

Simply put, LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD is a display made up of liquid crystals, while LED is a display made up of light-emitting diodes.


Advantages of LED display:

Spontaneous light saves electricity in the dark and consumes in the light.Black places don‘t shine at all.

2. Bright colors.

3 itself is the light source, so there is basically no longer use after a long time, the discovery of the increasingly dark television.The quality is better.

4. The led display has little fault.

It can still show a clear picture when exposed to strong light, such as sunlight.

6. The LED display is brightly colored and highly saturated

7. Led display power saving: 30% to 50% electricity saving

Heat resistance: it‘s not a problem

Long life: 10 years

10. High refresh rate of Led display screen


Disadvantages of Led display:

In a nutshell, it is a miniaturized version of a large billboard on the road, since each pixel is a light source.So your eyes don‘t feel good after looking too long.

You know, the technology is advanced, and the price is higher than


Advantages of LCD screen:

1. Traditional liquid crystal, skilled in technology.I don‘t even know the first generation of products. Design flaws are rare

2LCD is a softer color.Because LCD is liquid crystal panel + backlight

3 the price is lower than that of led


Disadvantages of Led LCD screen:

Old LCD large screen time will appear permanently the screen light down defects.Now LED backlight is basically adopted.This problem is almost far less

2. Large LCD screen is prone to aging

3. Large LCD screen: power consumption is relative to LED display

You can‘t see the LCD in bright light


The above is not my boast, this is the industry common understanding, if you do not believe you can go to practice

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