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LED display category selection

The manufacturer teaches you how to choose qualified full-color LED display

Time:2018-11-26 Views:127
At present, in this competitive market environment, although the visual effect of full-color LED display screen is getting better and better, the quality is getting worse and worse. In order to seek greater profits, some illegal businesses constantly improve and replace raw materials and accessories, resulting in shortened service life and increased failure rate.Here delenser small make up to share with friends how to avoid LED screen quality problems, hope to make the majority of customers buy at ease, use at ease.
1, the most critical material LED chip light bead (need to know the product use the wick brand, common have high-end Taiwan wafer, regular domestic xiamen three Ann and so on, the choice of packaging manufacturer is also important, had better choose more famous packaging manufacturer, common high-end Chinese star, CLP, regular wooden Tomlinson, hong sheng, shin kong platform, etc.).
2. The brain drive IC of the display screen is also a crucial accessory, which is equivalent to the human brain. Without it, even the best LED will not light up and cannot display the picture normally.
3, to display the power of the power supply, power supply quality will directly affect the life of the module, it is best not to pursue cheap, inferior power are easy to burn out, or output voltage instability, voltage is not pure, interference, even cause fire, suggest to buy brand-name power supply or market users more of a power supply as the preferred, the power of the high performance/price ratio, and the second is to consider, too cheap power generally will not be a good power, common have high-end yu turbine, ChuangLian, giant can, regular with sincerity, friendship, etc.
Looking back on those years when I was engaged in LED display industry, this industry developed rapidly because of the application demand of LED display.Due to the rapid development of LED display, there are still many loopholes or deficiencies. Delenser has been making efforts to innovate in these technical improvements. We believe that with the continuous innovation and progress of technology, LED display will become more and more perfect and become more and more popular with consumers.
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