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Make rotating LED display technology

Time:2018-08-11 Views:545
Make rotating LED display technology
Design and manufacture of rotating LED display.With the development of social information technology, high-tech education and innovation activities are attracting more and more attention, and electronic products are gaining more and more popularity. The cutting-edge field of information technology, rotating LED display, has also been rapidly developed, and the main application in rotating LED display is the single chip computer.
In outdoor advertising screen, high technology is indispensable, so the application of MCU technology is doomed to be indispensable. Therefore, the application value and scientific research value of rotating LED display made by AVR MCU technology is very high.We use AVR MCU to make the rotating LED display with Atmega16 chip, which can smoothly complete the content of the display we require, on-site demonstration.Through the link between the home-made ISP download line and the computer, the program files in the computer are input into the single chip computer, according to our needs show different content.
The design mainly includes: the design of substrate hardware, the design of hardware driver, the design of display program, etc.It has the characteristics of simple design, short program and simple structure.The rotating LED display is used for teaching demonstration, which can enable students to understand the principle of dynamic scanning and have a clear understanding of the comprehensive application of relevant knowledge, which is easy to deepen the understanding and mastery of relevant knowledge.It can better apply the knowledge learned, better apply the material object of the knowledge learned, can lead the students to develop the imaginary things, can be the theoretical knowledge learned to better combine with the reality. 
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