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What are the LED full-color display accessories

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An LED full-color display is made up of a number of accessories. Let‘s hear about the LED full-color display accessories at www.leddrse.com.
1. LED full-color display power supply: the power supply is also affected by the rapid increase of LED display industry, which increases the sales volume of power supply.The stability and performance of the power supply determines the performance of LED display, and various types of power supply are also exquisite.The power required by the LED full-color display screen is calculated according to the power of the unit board, and different models require different.
Ii. Full-color LED display caseThe box body is made professionally, there are simple box body and waterproof box body.The rapid development of LED industry also makes the manufacturer of full-color LED display case almost every month‘s orders will be saturated, driving the development of the manufacturer of the case.
3. LED full-color display module: the LED module is composed of suites, chassis, masks, etc. The LED full-color display is composed of one LED module after another, namely the large LED screen we see now.
4. LED full-color display control system: the control system is an important part of the LED full-color display screen. The transmission of video is all transmitted to the receiving card of the LED full-color display screen through the sending card and video card, and then the receiving card will transmit the signal to the HUB board in sections:In the receiving card is installed above a connecting plate (also called into the HUB board), the data receiving card to the connecting plate, and then transfer the data on the plate by wire transfer to the LED display cabinet or single line on the LED display module, and then the LED module and LED module is through the wiring connection between data, typically an adapter plate only 8 pins, that is to say, a connecting plate can only pipe line or 8 August LED module, data transmission.If there are more rows or columns, you can add an adapter board to the receive card.The receiving algorithm of indoor LED full-color display is different from that of outdoor LED full-color display. As the pixel points and scanning modes of indoor and outdoor screens are different, there is a difference in the LED receiving card.LED display control and debugging is mainly related to LED display control system.
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