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Indoor full-color LED display screen to choose five items to pay attention to

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Compared with traditional LCD, full-color LED display has the characteristics of seamless Mosaic, good color saturation, low power consumption and long life, so it is widely used in commercial advertising by various industries.
The indoor LED display has a good display effect and visual perception, so it is easier to win the favor of advertisers in large hotels, large department stores and shopping malls.Do you know what you should pay attention to in the process of selecting indoor full-color LED display?The editor (www.leddrse.com) is here to introduce you.
In the indoor environment, the screen area of LED display will generally exceed 3 square meters.In this case, there are three options to choose from: ordinary throw, DLP(digital liquid crystal display) and full-color LED display.
The advantages of the ordinary display are small pixels, high definition, low brightness, small viewing Angle and short lens lamp life (only several thousand hours).The advantages of DLP are small pixel points, high definition, and the disadvantages are stitching. At present, the minimum stitching can reach 1mm.For indoor full-color LED display, the advantages are high brightness, no joint, and the disadvantages are coarse pixel particles and low clarity.At present, commercial indoor full-color LED screens are relatively economic models P5 and P6, while other models include P3 and P4.When we are shopping for indoor full-color LED display, we can consider the following aspects.
LED core.Just like outdoor full-color LED display, indoor full-color LED display is generally recommended to adopt the light emitting diode encapsulated by meyadi, and high-end products are recommended to adopt the tube cores of Japan, Japan and CREE.
Ii. Packaging form.The advantages of the table sticker package 3528, 2121 and 1010 are large viewing Angle, good luminous consistency, easy to be automatically welded and processed, and it is the mainstream product of full-color LED display.
Density.As the indoor full-color LED chip has a higher calorific value and the control circuit density, the spot density of commercial full-color LED display cannot be very high.At present, P3, P4, P5 and P6 are mostly applied in the market, which are relatively economic, mainly mainstream products in the middle and low-end markets.
Iv. Driving mode.The indoor full-color LED display is driven by constant current and adopts dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc.).
Refresh rate.Improve refresh frequency, no flicker and tail in camera shooting.
These are some of the indoor full color LED display tips summarized by deronshire, hoping to help you.
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