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LED display control software

How does the LED video processor work

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How does the LED video processor make the LED display perfect?It mainly includes the following:
1.In many special scenes, a display screen needs to display multiple pictures of the same or different signals. Video processor with multi-picture processing function can flexibly meet such display requirements.
2. Screen zooming. The display mode of LED display is point-to-point, which determines that LED display can only display images of the same size as the physical resolution.The LED video processor can scale the image, output the image to any size, and finish the entire desktop mapping to the LED screen.[LED display panel manufacturer]
3.Signal conversion and switching, video processing equipment can complete the format conversion between many signals.Another important function of the video processor is to manage all kinds of signals when there is multiple signal access, and to switch between signals quickly and flexibly.
4. Large screen splicing. At present, the spot spacing of LED display is getting smaller and the external size is getting larger and larger, which makes the physical resolution of LED screen become very large.The LED video processor has splicing capability and can drive the screen with large resolution, which is a cost-effective way to drive.
5.V. image quality improvement. As the pixel spacing of the LED display screen is much larger than that of some other flat panel display media, there are strict requirements for image processing technology, especially image enhancement technology.The high-quality LED video processor can use advanced algorithm to modify the signal of poor image quality, perform a series of processing such as deinterlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation, etc., to enhance the image details and improve the image quality.Electronic display screen
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