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How important is the LED display control system

Time:2018-10-06 Views:289
The development of LED display in China is changing with each passing day. The progress made in both technology and market is amazing.Speaking of promoting the progress of LED display technology, the control system cannot but say that its role in the overall value of LED display is irreplaceable and very important.
From the continuous update of materials, the progress of gray level, the authenticity of color expression and the diversity of correction technology, it can be seen that the improvement of control system technology has made an extraordinary contribution to the development of LED display screen.
The LED display control system is divided into synchronous and asynchronous systems. The synchronous control system is developed almost with the development of LED display, with mature technology and high market acceptance, while the asynchronous control system is developed late with flexible operation and has its own application field.

The control system, as the "brain" of the LED display, is not a big part of the overall value of the display, but its function is irreplaceable.For example, in the field of door head screen, from banners to single and double colors to full colors, this is a process of continuous evolution of door head advertisements.Excellent asynchronous full-color control system can make the full-color display on the door head more dazzling and attractive, thus bringing better advertising effect.For another example, in the highway intelligence board, it was originally only used to show the static content such as no drunk driving and no speeding, but now the asynchronous control system can make the display reflect the road condition in real time, and eliminate the original scheme of "industrial computer + synchronous control system", which is more integrated and more convenient to control the network.Here are two ways to control the system:
I. LED display with microcontroller as the controller is limited by the operation speed and communication rate of microcontroller, the dynamic display refresh rate cannot be too high, and the treatment of the display effect and mobile algorithm is also laborious, and the actual display effect has a significant flicker sense.
2. The LED display screen with ARM as the controller has a high command efficiency and clock frequency, so ARM has strong computing power and abundant internal resources. In the application of the bar screen, ARM can be used to realize various display modes.LED display with FPGA as the controller, because FPGA is a high-speed, parallel programmable logic device, it can be used as the controller to process PWM signal at high speed, complete dynamic scanning logic and complete character movement algorithm.
A good control system allows the LED display to display a more realistic, gorgeous and stable picture, making the viewer pleasant to look at.
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