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Analysis of market prospect and trend of full-color LED display

Time:2018-10-24 Views:248
There are about 50 enterprises whose sales volume of LED display applications exceeds 100 million yuan.Among the enterprises with annual sales of 100 million yuan, there are about 20 enterprises with sales of 200 to 500 million yuan.Full-color LED display is a sunrise industry, a green industry, in line with the direction of scientific development, and a high-tech industry encouraged by China.The following is an analysis of the market prospect of full-color LED display.
With continuous technological innovation, falling price and huge potential market, full-color LED display will be more widely used, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our lives.According to the application field, LED products can be divided into: LED indoor functional lighting, LED outdoor functional lighting, LED backlight, LED display, LED landscape lighting, and others.At present, the output value of China‘s full-color LED display is about 7%.
Output value of domestic LED products (unit: 100 million yuan, %)
Affected by LED light decay, the life of the original full-color LED display is generally about five years.In the past five years, led display has been the golden one in China. Led display has been widely used in advertising, stage, sports venues and other fields.Therefore, in the next few years, there will be a large number of led screens that have to be replaced to meet the service life, which will undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to enterprises.Four major trends to analyze the full color LED display market prospects.
(1) full-color LED display has achieved scale development
The main products of China‘s full-color LED display industry not only occupy the absolute market in China, but also occupy a certain share in the global market, forming a stable export.Analysis of the market prospect of full-color LED display, the overall product quality and reliability have been significantly improved. Domestic full-color LED display application enterprises have performed well in major projects and key project construction, and their ability in international market competition and implementation of large-scale display system engineering has been significantly improved.
(2) significant technological progress in full-color LED display industry
Analysis of the market prospect of full-color LED display shows that the overall technical level of the application industry of full-color LED display is basically in sync with the international development. In the past two years, innovative products have been coming out continuously, technological innovation in the industry has been active, and product technology development capacity has been strengthened constantly.The ability of technology development, technical support and technical guarantee to meet special application needs has been enhanced, and the development of key technologies and mainstream products is relatively mature.
(3) the upstream industry has significantly promoted the development of full-color LED display
With the rapid promotion and application of new products and technologies, and the development of LED chip materials, driving IC, control and other technologies, many enterprises in the industry have formed a certain technological foundation and production engineering foundation in the aspects of LED comprehensive application, semiconductor lighting and lighting engineering.Based on the traditional LED large-screen display technology and products, the share of LED display products in the industry market increases year by year.
(4) the development of full-color LED display is normalized
The full-color LED display industry association has been actively promoting the technical exchange and standardization of products for many years, effectively promoting the standardized development of technical products through product technical standards, product technical testing and other means.Standardization and standardization have promoted the level of industrialization, and the accumulation effect of industrial layout is reflected, for example, there are many large-scale enterprises in shenzhen.In recent years, an important feature of the development process of China‘s LED display application industry is that the number of scale model enterprises has increased significantly, the number of medium-sized enterprises has decreased somewhat, and the number of small-scale enterprises has also increased.In general, the industry changed from "olive shape" to "dumbbell shape".
Although there are many blue ocean markets with full-color LED display, few enterprises can really enter these fields and gain certain industry influence. Most of them are still feeling the stones to cross the river.Full-color LED display market prospect analysis, full-color LED display application industry future development potential is tremendous, state and local government on the development of LED display application industry from the strategic height to give a positive policy support, to encourage technological innovation, supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise project financing, construction project management standard, technical supervision, etc., to develop scientific, objective and specific policies conducive to the development of industry.
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