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Shenzhen LED display international trade situation and domestic enterprises

Time:2018-10-29 Views:230
Shenzhen LED electronic display manufacturers overseas expansion trend positive.With the deepening of the globalization of economy, shenzhen LED display screen enterprises are accelerating the pace of "going out" and have closer trade relations with many countries.However, due to the changing international situation and the constraints of the domestic led display industry, shenzhen‘s overseas development of led display shows many unstable factors.
Overseas trade is not promising
From the overall situation of global trade, the global trade downturn has been lasting for many years, and the trade growth rate is still not up to the current economic growth rate. According to the world trade organization‘s forecast, the global trade growth rate is expected to be 1 in 2016.7 percent, the slowest growth in nearly seven years.The continued downturn in the global economy has further encouraged the rise of protectionism abroad and slowed the expansion of global supply chains.It is worth mentioning that the European and American market is the LED electronic display manufacturers in China an important area for overseas layout, but because the United States, the European Union is one of the most anti-dumping measures against China a member of the wto, the Chinese LED enterprises export caused serious influence, as well as the LED display LED enterprises paid a pretty price.
In 2017, China‘s foreign trade friction showed an increasing trend.With trump in office, the increasingly protectionist tinge in the us has been both detrimental to us growth and adding to the chaos and uncertainty in the world economy.While the European and American markets are the main international high-end market of LED display, the us‘s enhanced trade protection will naturally hinder the overseas progress of Chinese LED display enterprises.
In addition, at present, China‘s LED electronic display manufacturers mainly export their products to the Middle East, North America, India and other countries. Now, India, North America and other countries are more and more strict with China‘s LED product certification.On the one hand, LED display is an integrated high-tech assembly product, and parts and products are easily rejected in the name of non-compliance with relevant safety and environmental protection indicators.
Thus affecting the whole led display product export;On the other hand, in order to protect domestic enterprises and employment, the tariff is raised directly, which makes China‘s LED display products unable to form competitive price advantage.In general, the rise of foreign trade protectionism is a negative factor for Chinese LED enterprises that are actively exploring the global LED display market. The overseas trade situation of Chinese LED display enterprises is not optimistic in 2017.
The problems of screen enterprises are numerous
Of course, in addition to some major international factors, there are many indelible problems in the "going out" of China‘s led display enterprises. This is also the biggest dilemma for the development of China‘s led enterprises. The solutions to these problems will be most urgent both internally and externally.
1. Weak awareness of intellectual property rights
In recent years, the number of LED patent applications in China has increased significantly, but it cannot be ignored that China‘s status in the global LED intellectual property pattern has not been fundamentally improved, and there is still a serious lack of fair and orderly principle in the market.Because of this, the intellectual property issue often evolves into patent disputes, and the risk of trade friction is constantly increasing. Numerous cases of patent infringement and dispute of enterprise with LED display screen are the most direct proof.
As far as China is concerned, many enterprises do not have a good understanding of intellectual property rights themselves, and their management ideas remain at the low level of "making money". As a result, some domestic enterprises are seriously restricted by intellectual property rights, resulting in a crisis of increasingly prominent lack of industrial dominance.The lack of independent intellectual property rights of enterprises has caused serious adverse effects on exports and caused many direct economic losses every year.
2. Lack of independent brands
The independent brand is an important factor for the enterprise to go to the world.Self-owned brands can also help enterprises to explore the market, enhance corporate strength, create a strong corporate culture, and have a profound impact on the market.However, in the current domestic LED export process, only a small number of enterprises export under private brands, and only a small number of LED leading enterprises can draw attention to the international market with their strength and brand. Most small and medium-sized enterprises still lack the awareness of enterprise brand construction.
In the process of international expansion, the processing enterprises are at the lowest end of the industrial chain. The lack of brand awareness leads to the incoordination between the sales behavior and marketing strategy of the enterprises and brand construction, which makes the brand cannot be established in the consumers‘ mind, greatly affecting the enterprises to enhance the industrial influence.
3. Product quality is mixed
In the end, the most important thing for a company to go out is product quality.Only products with high technical content, guaranteed product quality and relatively high cost performance can be sought after in the market.However, the quality of led display products in China is mixed. With the long-term price struggle, the defective rate of enterprise products increases accordingly, and many after-sales problems are bothering led display manufacturers.Especially in overseas markets, once the product quality is inconsistent, it will be recalled, which will have a bad impact. Moreover, even if the product is successfully sold, the later maintenance will be very troublesome and increase the after-sales cost of the enterprise.
Nowadays, international market competition is also strengthened with the pace of globalization. Product quality is undoubtedly an important factor affecting the overseas sales of enterprises. The competition in LED display industry will eventually return to the competition of product quality.
Led display in China towards the international market, the trend of The Times, to recognize the current situation of foreign trade, straighten enterprise "going out" attitude, look for the direction of the "going out" is each led electronic display manufacturers need to do, in the international situation and their own disadvantage, under attack both Chinese led display only in constant innovation to keep competitive power, strengthening the construction of enterprise brand, can conveniently to break in the international market, at the same time in the implementation of enterprise development, boost the international status of Chinese led display industry.
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