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Led display companies enter mobile terminal sales channels in two ways

Time:2018-08-11 Views:550
Led display companies enter mobile terminal sales channels in two ways
A, let users like to buy your products on the mobile end though, the mobile end users a lot, however, not all users like to buy led display on the mobile end, look at the electricity giant, taobao, jingdong how are they to PC users of transplantation to the mobile, taobao to let users in the mobile end users, first built taobao app, and buy products on the mobile end than PC cheaper price, but at different times can also be for;Jingdong has also established its own mobile app. For users who place orders on the mobile app for the first time, such preferential measures as 50 yuan are deducted, which make users willing to buy products on the mobile app.Therefore, we can also learn from these successful experiences to let users buy led display products on mobile terminals
2. Use big data to enable users to have a comprehensive understanding of products, communicate and share through PC, mobile, news client and microblog third-party platforms.In this way, users can know more about the voice of users, and then, through data analysis, push the consultation, service and product they need to reach a deal.Led display enterprise integrates Led display into the content through effective data analysis, finds the entry point between enterprises and users through effective marketing, and enhances the sales volume of Led display enterprise.Mobile terminal marketing is always part of marketing. PC and offline marketing should not be abandoned, but both should be user-centered and customer-experience oriented. Led display industry is entering new marketing channels of mobile terminal, and integrated marketing of PC and mobile terminal is required to improve the diversification of channels.
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