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LED display

LED broadcast studio solution

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Plan to introduce

DE embellish self designed for TV broadcasting industry make small spacing solution with high color saturation, high reduction ratio, high contrast and high refresh rate, to solve the LCD and DLP products inherent defects in the field of application of radio, film and television, according to demand of radio, film and television industry, perfect match for indoor application with excellent display effect and zero noise environment.At the same time, flat and curved connection devices meet the needs of different shape stitching.

Program features

1. Overall LED display system solution

As the world‘s leading supplier of LED display system, it is truly capable of developing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining independently.Solve difficult problems for customers.

2. Strong stability and good visual effect

Drenser‘s reliable display system ensures a long, uninterrupted operation.24bit color processing and HDR technology can guarantee the restoration of the color of the screen to the greatest extent.

3. Ultra-wide viewing Angle and mole-pattern reduction technology

The drensel broadcast and TV solution has a considerable perspective, reduces the Moorish grain processing technology, and meets the need of multiple camera angles.

4. Low maintenance cost

Deroncel products have been "CCC", "CE", "RoHS" and other domestic and foreign authoritative certification.With excellent performance and excellent service, it saves the cost for the customer.

Successful cases

TNT USA led big screen


TBS led electronic screen

Us television station TBS

 China central television led display

China central television

System architecture

LED broadcast studio solution system architecture


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