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LCD splicing screen

LCD video conference screen solution

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Introduction to splicing screen scheme


In the era of information explosion, the rapid development of network skills, communication skills and information skills brought great convenience to social life, and also put forward a new response to the traditional form of government affairs.Faced with massive fundamental information, it is urgent for the government to improve the daily work efficiency and achieve more efficient information sharing.Under the background of national promotion of administrative informatization, remote video conference provides more and more useful assistance for the completion of convenient and efficient information sharing.


As in recent years the rise of the LCD splicing screen LCD splicing screen with its hd display, stable performance, long life and other characteristics become the latest must-haves in the video conference system, compared with the traditional video conference, alone show level, to meet the life-size image display and ultra high definition video image, the effect of liquid crystal splicing screen nature has become a necessary factor.


The large-screen splicing display technology of large LCD splicing display, whether it is LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing or the rapidly rising small-spacing LED, has an equal opportunity, that is, every large-screen splicing enterprise can participate in it.Theoretically, the expanding screen splice shows an opportunity to share the cake.


Projectors are also quite widely used in video conferences, but the actual use of projectors is a bit dwarfed by the splicing screen.First splice screen have absolute advantage in brightness, the projector as the name suggests is a device used to display the image magnification projection, external light influence on projection display effect is very obvious, so when use projection equipment must be in a dark place, and splicing screen don‘t have this problem, the ultra high brightness and resolution can be in any place can show clear picture.


Splicing screen solution


The large screen splicing technology has been developed in the past decade. However, in recent years, due to the positive attitude of enterprises and companies to the large screen splicing, the development and update speed of the large screen splicing products have been faster and faster.Therefore, in order to adapt to the rapid development of the information society, the large-screen splicing screen manufacturer has introduced the combined product of multi-function conference room equipment, which makes more and more enterprises love the large-screen as the meeting room display system.The generation of large screen splicing creates a green information office environment for enterprises and contributes to the development of enterprise information technology.


Big screen splicing screen first, meeting the main advantage is that large screen splicing screen with less hardware, simple structure, strong practicability, stable and reliable performance characteristics such as strong anti-jamming capability, large screen also has a high resolution display devices, clear image browsing is gorgeous, contrast and color effects, quality look realistic, even when using a lot of people to attend the meeting, so distance can see clear.Another point is that the large screen splicing screen display system is more durable than its projection display equipment, which does not have the problem of consumables. Enterprise office and teaching video are suitable for use, and are of high quality and low price.


Secondly, it can realize multiple scanning display functions. In today‘s increasingly fierce market competition, the large-screen splicing screen display device can also occupy a larger market share.


In multinational companies, top leaders give orders and instructions through large screen splice screen video meetings to save time and improve efficiency.This all depends on real color big screen Mosaic screen manufacturer video conference system to bring numerous customers convenience.Large companies generally follow the concept that time is money. When holding company meetings, they can run all day without travelling or flying, which saves time and cost for many enterprises.This is the way every boss likes to do things. The large screen splicing screen meeting system allows employees to enjoy the visual pleasure while making the meeting no longer boring, so as to achieve better audio-visual effect.


Therefore, the development of large-screen splicing in recent years is not only the demand of the industry, but also the demand brought by the development of the enterprise for the video field. It is expected that in the near future, the large-screen splicing technology will replace the original traditional projection technology and become a highlight in the conference room.


Schematic diagram of splicing screen scheme implementation

Device configuration

A set of 3*3 LCD splicing screens

One set of digital matrix (HDMI matrix)

TV wall set

A computer system

Video conference system

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