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How should LED display enterprises change themselves in the general environment

Time:2018-12-15 Views:82
With the collapse of some LED display companies, many people have been "talking about screen color change."It is true that the LED display market has entered the phase of elimination and the industry reshuffle has begun. However, at such a critical moment, if you grasp it well, you can easily overtake on corners, become the benchmark of the industry, and achieve "fame and fortune".
1. Go big.Now LED screens are getting bigger and bigger, and the area of a single screen is getting bigger and bigger.It is good to have a large manufacturing plant. Compared with only a few dozen small businesses with financing difficulties, large companies have more advantages.Because the development of new technology, the development of new markets, need capital as a guarantee.Now the area of the display screen is getting bigger and bigger. We have seen many screens of 500, 600 square meters. This is the "big screen" in the real sense.The larger the screen size, the larger the scale of production, the higher the profit while ensuring the quality, and the larger the income brought to the enterprise.
Keep it small.In the guangzhou exhibition held in March today, various major manufacturers have exhibited small spacing LED screens. People in indoor P3 and P2.5 have become accustomed to it, and now they have launched screens with point spacing of 1.5, 1.0 and 0.8mm.Because space is more and more precious now, outdoor LED screens can do P5 or even P3.Small spacing will bring a large part of the market, especially in high-end stage design, hd LED display is very high requirements.With the cost of LED display reduced, high-density LED display into the home market has become a reality.Aiming at shopping malls and other application places, kangshuo has developed P2.5 high-definition LED advertising refresh machine, and mass production, which makes kangshuo take the lead in indoor video advertising exhibition field.
Do something new.Creative new products are a sword to hit the market, which can quickly cut down the enemy and protect themselves.Dazheng optoelectronics can be said to be the originator of creative LED screen, creative LED screen with various features, arc, spherical, curved, triangular polygon, can of beer cans, LED Christmas tree, and the latest research and development of pear shape, diamond shape LED screen, really can be said to be as long as you want, we can do it.These innovative LED display products expand the market space, differentiated products also bring more profits to the enterprise.
In general, we should improve the quality of our products, do a good job in service, pay attention to research and development, improve the LED full-color display enterprise‘s ability to continue to innovate, practice good internal skills, sword go to the edge, to achieve the corner overtaking, reach the peak of the industry.
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