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LED display installation method

P2.5 installation and debugging process of LED display and operation instructions

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P2.5 installation and debugging process of LED display and operation instructions

P2.5LED display adopts 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue to highlight Japanese LED, and the 256-level grayscale achieved by algorithm constitutes 16,777,216 colors.Today, shenzhen drexel photoelectric engineering department will separately elaborate on this issue:

P2.5 operation instructions of LED display screen:

1. Seamless splice. P2.5 full-color LED display kit design controls the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm.

2. Install steel structure frame, the P2.5 display screen is light steel frame, and chemical riveted riveted steel plate is used as the supporting structure in the corresponding beam and column parts. The steel frame of the display screen is connected with riveted fixed steel plate.

3. Unit plate die spellers seams: unit spell joint plate gap size is consistent, and 1 ㎜ or less.

4. Due to the particularity of the LED display industry, it requires to change the working current of the LED lamp by adjusting the power supply voltage under certain circumstances, thus changing the brightness of the LED. As for the energy saving scheme design, 4.2-5v power supply is small and energy saving is 20%.

5. Various shapes: rectangle, square, arc, circle and other customized designs can be made.

6. Drensel optronic products offer a set of low-power solutions, which can make the display running one-third more energy efficient than the original, further greatly reducing your operation cost.

7.P2.5 full-color LED display is controlled by common computer operating system and general play software, which is easy to learn and understand, and can be edited to play content and sequence arbitrarily, making the system setup and operation very convenient.

8.P2.5 mature triin-in-one technology of full-color screen, providing personalized solutions according to the actual needs of customers.

Before debugging, the optronic P2.5LED display screen of shenzhen drexel has been tested as follows. We have strictly checked the product quality, and there is absolutely no mistake in any link.

1. Electrical performance test of semi-finished products. After the completion of QC test before sealing the semi-finished products, the products will be electrified at high temperature for at least 48 hours.

2. Aging test of finished products: the finished product module is installed on the LED box, and the whole screen assembly is simulated. After 72 hours of aging test, no failure can be delivered.

3. Waterproof experiment. Outdoor LED full-color display increases the high-pressure water flush experiment on the screen body and conducts water invasion and water spraying experiment on each box body to ensure the waterproof effect.

4. Anti-corrosion test. In order to ensure the anti-corrosion reliability of the circuit board and case after repeated treatment, salt spray test must be carried out in the production process.


P2.5 installation and debugging process of LED display and operation instructions:

[product model] : P2.5 display screen

[product spacing] : 2.5mm

【 application field: widely used in the large concert, television parties, movie theaters, shopping malls, amusement parks, schools, government agencies, trade fair, fair, store, stage, aiming at the exhibition, hotel, taking building, cinemas, press conference, meeting room, airport, hotel, wedding, wedding

[installation method] : steel frame Mosaic, wall-mounted, mobile, leasing,

[optimal stadia] : 2.5-30 meters

[product features] : P2.5 full-color screen for format, the display mode can be arranged randomly by users;Can display text, picture, chart, image, animation, video information;Moreover, the information displayed is not limited. High-end configuration, stable performance, good flatness, seamless joint, high quality luminous components are selected as the core material of the display screen, and the patented circuit board design is adopted to fundamentally guarantee the service life of the product.


P2.5 installation and debugging process of LED display and operation instructions technical parameters:

Brand name: si wei xin

Pixel spacing: 2.5mm

Pixel composition: 1R1G1B

Packaging mode: three integrated modules of table sticker

LED packaging: table SMD2121 three in one

Pixel density: 160,000 points per square

LED chip brand: Taiwan crystal

IC drive chip brand: Taiwan accumulation MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series

Control card system brand: ling xing rain

Power brand: chuanglian, mingwei

P2.5LED panel size: 160mm x 80mm

Module resolution: 64 x 32=2048 points

Box size: 480*480mm

Box material: aluminum

Scanning method: 1/16 scanning

The screen brightness: 1600 CD / ㎡

Connection mode: connect to the computer synchronously (send card + receive card)

Working voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% in China, AC110V plus or minus 10% in some countries;50 Hz - 60 Hz

Average power: 450 w / ㎡

The maximum power: 1300 w / ㎡

Display interface: VAG+DVI display card

Flatness: splice gap between modules <1mm

Best viewing distance: 2.5-30 m (the larger the display area, the larger the viewing distance)

Visual Angle: horizontal 140 °, 140 ° vertically

Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software hardware + play software and hardware

Driving mode: constant current

Brightness adjustment: manual/automatic/programmed

Gray level: 256-4096

Refresh rate: 300 Hz ~ 2440Hz

Frame change frequency: 60Hz

Broadcast content: TV screen, advertising video, video, live video, picture, text


P2.5 what will be the cost of installation and debugging of LED display?

1. Screen body cost: namely, our company‘s P2.5LED display is quoted as 7,500 yuan/m2, in which the selected model and materials are different and the price will be different.(the cost of the screen includes LED lamp beads, PCB circuit board, IC drive chip, module power supply, waterproof glue, plastic mask and box/magnet, as well as all the standard signal wiring and power cord inside the display screen.)

2. Cost of control system: that is, cost of sending and receiving CARDS for LED display screen. The number of CARDS is determined according to the size of LED display screen.

3. Display software: including computer system software and LED display screen control software to be used for display. Different control systems have different supporting software, and our company will provide free CD installation and technical training for software operation.

4. Cost of supporting equipment: computer, audio amplifier, cooling and air conditioning, distribution cabinet, multi-function control card, lightning arrester, TV card and LED video processor, field wiring, etc.Of course, some of these devices can be prepared by the user or not equipped, and we will recommend reasonable solutions.

5. Cost of steel frame and labor: cost of fixing and installing the steel frame and screen body of LED display screen.(1) our company can contract to fix the steel frame, finish the edge decoration and install manually, and complete the overall installation and debugging of LED display.(2) we can also provide the steel frame drawing free of charge and send technical personnel to assist in the installation. The user can find the steel structure manufacturer in the local area to complete the work, including materials and manpower

The cost of installation will be considerable savings.

6. Transportation expenses: generally, German state logistics is adopted for automobile transportation. The specific costs refer to the weight/volume and distance of transportation.

Full-color LED electronic display grayscale analysis?

We often hear about the grayscale and brightness of full-color led electronic display. How much do you really know about the grayscale of the full-color led display?The following LED display manufacturer derunser photoelectric for everyone to answer:

Full-color LED display is also called three-base color, that is, the smallest display unit is composed of red, green and blue, which is consistent with the working principle of the computer. It can truly restore the color red, green and blue with 256 levels of gray, forming 16.7 million colors and displaying colorful dynamic graphs in real time.

Full-color LED has good uniformity on the large screen, which solves the Mosaic phenomenon well and has excellent luminous consistency.High brightness and adjustable brightness can fully meet customers‘ requirements and changes in various application environments;It has clear, delicate and realistic display effect on images and text.Single point single lamp maintenance, relatively low maintenance cost, easy maintenance.

The gray level of the LED full-color display screen, also known as the color or gray level, refers to the brightness level.For digital display technology, gray is the decisive factor of color number.Generally speaking, the higher the grayscale, the richer the color displayed on the screen, and the more delicate the picture, the easier to show rich details.

The gray level of full-color LED display mainly depends on the A/D conversion number of the system.Of course, the system‘s video processing chip, memory, and transmission system must provide corresponding number of support.At present, the LED display screen in China mainly USES 8-bit processing system, namely 256 (28) levels of gray.In simple terms, there are 256 brightness changes from black to white.RGB three primary colors can be used to form 256 * 256 * 256=16777216 colors.That‘s 16 megabytes.International brands mainly use 10-bit processing system, namely 1024 grayscale, RGB three primary colors can constitute 1.07 billion colors.

Although gray is the decisive factor that decides colour number, but not be to say to be unrestricted bigger is better.Because the resolution of human eyes is limited at first, and the improvement of system processing number will involve changes in video processing, storage, transmission, scanning and other aspects of the system, the cost increases sharply and the cost performance decreases instead.Generally, civil or commercial grade products can use 8-bit system, and broadcast grade products can use 10-bit system.


The above is related knowledge of P2.5LED display installation and debugging process and operation instructions Shared by shenzhen derunsel optoelectronic co., LTD. If you are interested in the price of P2.5LED display, you are welcome to call for detailed information


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