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Способ установки светодиодного дисплея

В шэньчжэньском диссертационном диске, в котором проводится различие между обслуживанием и последующим обслуживанием

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The maintenance methods of LED display in shenzhen are mainly divided into pre-maintenance and post-maintenance. Before understanding the differences between these two maintenance methods, we should first make it clear that the choice of maintenance mode is inseparable from the installation method of LED display.The installation method of LED engineering screen mainly includes: roof type, wall type, hanging type, floor type, Mosaic type, column type, hoisting type and other common installation methods.
1. Pre-maintenance: the biggest feature of pre-maintenance is to save space. For indoor or inlaid installation structure, space is extremely precious, so there will not be too many places left as maintenance channels.Therefore, the former maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED engineering screen structure, which not only integrates well with the surrounding building environment, but also saves space while ensuring the effect.However, this structure has very high requirements on the cooling function of the equipment;The modules are attached to the steel frame structure by magnetic column for prior maintenance;
Led front maintenance box
2. Post-maintenance: the biggest benefit of post-maintenance is convenience, which is suitable for large outdoor LED engineering screen, roof type, wall type and column type, convenient and efficient in inspection and maintenance.For those large LED screens installed on the external walls of buildings, it is more convenient for maintenance personnel to enter and operate from the rear.After maintenance, the module is directly fixed on the box with screws.
Maintain waterproof case body after LED
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