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LED display installation method

LED full color display in the installation should pay attention to the problem

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[] before the installation of LED screen, in addition to check the correctness of the connection line, that is, check the positive connection between the strong electric part and the signal
In addition to the accuracy, but also to check the integrity of computer software installation, including graphics card and control software installation.But many LED display manufacturers in Ann
When installing LED screen, we only check the connection problem, but ignore some other problems. After years of summary, DERISER has been installing LED screen
Should pay attention to the following questions:

1. Abide by the operation steps in the user manual;
2. The power supply shall meet the requirements
LED display power supply voltage: 220V plus or minus 10%
Frequency: 50 hz plus or minus 5%
Safe ground contact is reliable, ground and zero line isolation is reliable, access to power away from high-power electrical equipment.
3, the temperature is appropriate, the temperature requirements are:
Working environment temperature -20 degrees C, less than or equal to t, less than or equal to 80 degrees C [LED full-color screen manufacturer]
Storage environment temperature -40 C is less than or equal to t is less than or equal to 60 C
4. Moisture-proof and humidity requirements: when the maximum working temperature is reached, the LED screen shall be less than 92% of the relative humidity.
Outdoor indoor LED screen production technology requirements brightness is an important indicator of LED screen, LED screen brightness mainly depends on LED luminescence
Intensity and density of LED arrangement on LED display screen.
According to the SJ/ t11141-2003 standard of ministry of information industry, brightness is defined as the luminous intensity per unit area of LED display screen.The Angle of view is in the direction of observation
When the brightness drops to half of the normal brightness of LED display screen, the Angle between the two observation directions of the same plane and the normal direction is divided into horizontal
Perspective and vertical perspective.
The display color of LED screen includes single primary color, double primary color and full color, and there are two types of environment: indoor LED screen and outdoor LED screen.
There are also differences in the choice and requirements of parameters between the two.Indoor full-color LED screen brightness should be more than 800cd/m2, outdoor LED screen brightness should be in
More than 5000 CD / ㎡, to guarantee the normal image display at work.
[production of LED display screen] in recent years, new technologies of LED substrates, epitaxy, chips and packaging have emerged one after another, especially tin oxide materials
The use of current expansion layer technology and the stability and maturity of the process, LED luminous efficiency has been greatly improved.
At present, most outdoor full-color LED screens can have a horizontal Angle of view greater than 120 degrees and a vertical Angle of view greater than 50 degrees
Color LED display brightness white balance is greater than 7500 CD / ㎡, pixel pitch of 20 mm, full-color LED display white balance, brightness can reach 6000 CD / ㎡
Above, the display screen can work in any environment 24/7.
LED display can be used in different occasions, so there are extremely strict installation requirements for LED display.The main safety index that standard sets has
Grounding, leakage current, electrical strength, temperature rise four indicators.Outdoor full-color LED display is more demanding than indoor full-color LED display.
Indoor LED screens have lower requirements for environmental adaptability, while outdoor LED screens have much higher requirements for environmental adaptability.
The installation of full-color LED screen should be guided by professional engineers and operate in strict accordance with the field environmental requirements of outdoor and indoor full-color LED screen.
Prevent accidental damage of the screen body, ensure the safety of customers‘ property and use interests.[]
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