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LED display installation method

Can indoor LED display be changed to outdoor screen

Time:2018-10-17 Views:233
Some customers have purchased indoor LED display. After a period of time, the company needs to use outdoor activities. In order to save costs, they want to change the indoor LED display to outdoor LED display.
Customers with such ideas are not familiar with LED displays.Deroncel can give you the answer that yes, the indoor LED display is not practical for the following reasons, please listen to us carefully for you.
1. Limitation of brightness.Indoor LED display requires not high brightness. Dynamic scanning circuit is used. Outdoor LED display requires high brightness and static scanning circuit.
Ii. Restrictions on waterproofing.Indoor LED display structure requires no waterproofing or simple waterproof treatment, while outdoor LED display requires very high waterproofing. The cable and box body etc. should be made waterproof during production, so the requirements on the box structure itself are different.
Limited viewing distance.Indoor LED display requires close viewing distance. The size is generally P3, P4, P5 and P6, so the area is generally not large within 15 square meters, while outdoor LED display requires a long viewing distance. The size is usually P10, P16 and P20.
Conclusion: due to differences in brightness, waterproof treatment and model selection, indoor and outdoor LED displays are different from each other in terms of raw materials, accessories, box and other hardware at the beginning of production. Therefore, it is not easy to change, and it only costs more than it costs.
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