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I. functions and features of led large screen
Guide language: in our life now, the screen is ubiquitous, our nearest screen mobile phone screen, the TV screen, etc., but these screens in terms of size, are relatively small, but in some of our public places, such as: the street, emporium, etc., will have a lot of big screen at any time in the play some video, advertising, etc.Led big screen is the big screen we often see, and led big screen is a lot of performance, the following small make up for you to introduce the knowledge of led big screen.
Introduction to LED large screen:
LED panel: the LED emitting diode is the light emitting diode.It is a way to control the display of semiconductor light-emitting diodes (leds). Its general appearance is composed of many small lights, which are usually red, green and blue. The lights turn on and off to display characters.Used to display text, graphics, images, animation, market, video, video signal and other information display screen.
LED large screen features:
1. Outdoor full-color LED screen is widely used in public places, advertising, urban road network, urban parking lot, railway, subway and other traffic guidance systems, highways and so on.
2. VGA synchronization technology is adopted to synchronize large screen content with CRT, making it simple and convenient to replace advertising content;Super large screen, super vision, high brightness, long life.
3. Rich colors and diverse display modes (graphics, text, 3d, 2d animation, TV pictures, etc.).
4. The novel and unique appearance can improve the scientific and technological level of the city, enrich the cultural life of urban residents and make them more receptive.
Advantages of LED large screen application:
1. It has the characteristics of fluidity, compulsion, pertinence and effectiveness.
2. Program advantages.Homemade programs, instant broadcast, rich content.It‘s not just advertising, it‘s programming.It includes special topics, columns, variety shows, animation, radio plays, TV plays, and commercials between programs.
3. Location advantage.It is mainly installed in shopping malls and other places with high traffic concentration, among which LED full-color large screen is installed in landmark areas, which has more shocking and mandatory propagation effect.
LED large screen function:
1. Play the role of commodity publicity and customer attraction.
2, play the role of store decoration, improve the level of enterprise.
3. Play the role of lighting and innovation.
4. Play the role of popularizing knowledge.(it can be used to broadcast small information about enterprise products and relevant industry knowledge)
5. Act as a bulletin board.(promotion, recruitment information release)
6, play the role of foil atmosphere.Through the display screen can play superior leaders and all kinds of guests to visit, guide the welcoming words, all kinds of major festivals to celebrate the word.
The above is xiaobian for you to introduce the relevant application and function of LED large screen in detail, LED large screen application in many places, one of the great role is to release information and promote some products.LED large screen is the principle of LED LED display, and in the use of some colors to achieve a colorful state.And LED large screen service life is very long, hand hit many businesses like.Small make up of the introduction is over.
Ii. How to debug the led large screen
This depends on the specific situation, such as: LED display has monochrome, two-color, full-color, single-color and two-color minimum of a few hundred flat also have, full-color minimum of more than a thousand;In addition, according to the model, the price of different models is not the same;Also according to their own needs, the purpose of typing or put video, waterproof, rental or fixed, how much clarity to these factors pricing.So how to debug this problem, according to the specific situation to have detailed answers, but these problems are the led display installation services businesses need to master the basic skills, these professional problem because each business with different products, the debugging method is different also, if you would like to know, please contact our technician staff, they will give you professional guidance and answers.


Iii. How to open the led screen in the host
1. Switch sequence: when the screen is opened: turn it on first and then open it.Turn off the screen: first turn off the screen, then shut down.(turn off the computer and turn off the display screen first, which will cause high highlights in the screen body and burn down the light pipe, causing serious consequences.)
2.When switching on and off the led screen, the interval should be more than 5 minutes.
3.After the computer enters the engineering control software, the screen can be turned on and powered on.
4.Avoid opening the screen in the state of full white screen, because the impact current of the system is the maximum.
5.Avoid opening the screen out of control when the impulse current of the system is the maximum.A. The computer does not enter the control software and other programs;B. The computer is not energized;C the power supply of the control part is not turned on.
6.When the environment temperature is too high or the cooling condition is not good, you should pay attention not to open the screen for a long time.
7.When a line of led display is very bright, please turn off the screen in time, and do not open the screen for a long time in this state.
8.If the power switch on the display screen often trips, please check the screen body or replace the power switch in time.
9.Check the fastness of the joint regularly.In case of loosening, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-strengthening or updating the lifting parts.
10.According to the display body, the control part of the environment, to avoid insect bites, when necessary should be placed rodent repellent.
4. What‘s wrong with the large LED screen
LED screen large screen does not display a lot of words, the following I said you understand:
1. Do you want to reinstall the software of LED large screen
2. Sometimes the software setting of LED large screen is wrong, and it will not be displayed
3, check the computer graphics card replug or change one
4. Check whether the green light flashing on the sending card indicates signal output
5, check whether the network line is good or bad
6. Check whether the first receiving card has signal or power supply
Synchronous or asynchronous display?Asynchronously check power supply problem, control card and data line;Synchronization requires that the computer graphics card properties be set.
5. How to choose LED large screen
What are the factors that take into account the screen area allowed by the user site?
(1) the relationship between the effective stadia and the actual site size;
(2) pixel size and resolution;
(3) area estimation with the element as the radix;
(4) operation space for mechanical installation and maintenance of the screen body;
(5) influence of screen body inclination Angle on distance.
What are the playback effects that users need?
(1) text display: it depends on the size of the text and the demand for distinguishing;
(2) ordinary video display: 320 * 240 lattice;
(3) digital standard DVD display: more than 640 x 480 lattice;
(4) complete computer video: greater than or equal to 800 * 600 lattice;
What brightness requirements does ambient brightness have for the screen body?General brightness requirements are as follows:
(1) indoor: >800CD/M2
(2) half room: >, 2000CD/M2
(3) outdoor (sitting south to north) : >4000CD/M2
(4) outdoor (north facing south) : >8000CD/M2
What brightness requirements does red, green and blue have in terms of white composition?
Red, green and blue contribute differently to the formation of white.The fundamental cause is the visual network of the human eye
The difference in the way a film feels at different wavelengths of light.We‘re going to pass ono 5

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