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What‘s the difference between an LED stage rental screen and a traditional LED display

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What‘s the difference between a stage rental screen and a traditional LED screen, you know?Let me introduce you to deroncel (www.leddrse.com).
1. Different types: the stage rental screen has high requirements on the display effect of dancing beauty, and the display screen must play clearly.Generally, the indoor environment is equipped with high-definition LED screens of P3 and P4 models. Even more demanding, products with small spacing, such as P2.5 and P2, can be used.The outdoor environment is made of P6 and P5 models.Traditional indoor and external LED displays are generally made of P6 and P5 models due to the long viewing distance or low display requirements. The most used outdoor display is P10, followed by P16.In addition, table stickers are used indoors, and plug lamps are usually used outdoors, but sometimes products are also used. Currently, five kinds of box series have been launched for the rental market, and the models cover all the mainstream models in the market, including P3, P4, P4.81, P3.91, etc.
2. Box differences: generally, the traditional outdoor LED display screen is waterproof, with heavy structure.For the stage rental screen, die-cast aluminum box is usually used at present to make it light and light in structure, with high stability, convenient to install and disassemble at any time, and suitable for activities such as concert and stage performance.
Installation method: the stage rental screen can be disassembled and installed easily and quickly. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage.And traditional indoor, outside LED screen, it is fixed installation way normally, after installation position is fixed, won‘t move easily.
These are the main differences between the stage rental screen and the traditional LED screen summarized by delancesell.
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